Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Be Safe behind the Wheel. By Rittivong

Did you ever realise how dangerous it is to text and drive or be on an electronic or even driving drunk?Or have you seen those advertisements on T.V?“Hello.Today I will be talking to you about why you shouldn’t be on an elecronic device or be drunk driving.

Reason 1 In Alaska if you get caught on your mobile device while driving it could cost you up to a $10,000 dollar fine with a one year sentence in prison.Injuring someone could cost you up to a $50,000 dollar fine with a 5 year sentence.If you kill a victim or passenger it could go up to a $250,000 dollar fine with a 20 year sentence if you do all of this could cost you up to a 26 year sentence and a 310,000 dollar fine.You will be broke after that.
Reason two.You can seriouly injured or even kill people while texting and driving or being on any other mobile device.3,100 people were killed and 424,000 people were seriously injured due to being on an mobile device according to National Highway Traffic Safety in 2013.

Reason 3
You should not be drunk while you drive.That is just the most stupidest thing ever You could kill or seriously injure someone.From some research I found,in 2014 9967 people die in america due to driving drunk.Also 28 people died. That’s 1 person every 53 mins WOW!

So in conclusion you should not be driving drunk,be on your electronics or text and drive because you can seriously injure someone or kill anyway, at the same time.Just focus on ONE thing and that one is the ROAD!!

By Rittivong

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