Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Ella's speech

Why we should read!
By Ella

“Get off your butt!”
“Stop looking at your computer screen!”
“And Do some reading!”
I know you're sitting there thinking, that's my Mum, or that's my dad, and your thinking I really would kill to go on the computer after school instead of doing my silly reading.
And sometimes I would agree on this but… Today i’m here to argue about be we SHOULD read.

Point one:
As kids do their reading it makes them just a little bit more knowledgeable every minute, when if your going on the computer you can’t keep track of time and next minute you know it’s 8 at night, for instance the computer sucks up your time and gets boring. Where is if you read it not only is good for you it is always interesting if you choose the right book! So as you can see reading is a pretty big deal in life.

Reading actually improves your memory so if you forget something reading helps you get it back. Also It decreases your stress level, so say you are stressing out because you can’t find your homework or something, reading will make you less stressed out, which is great because, When I can’t find something I get so stressed, I sometimes scream… Also a big part of reading is creativity it helps you to be more creative and being creative is important for kids because it helps them have better ideas for drawing, writing , reading and stuff like that.
Reading is great entertainment and amazing fun, adding to the fact that you can have whatever book you want, like horror, comedy, mystery, adventure, ANYTHING you want, In my opinion I like comedy the best.

Reading a nice big juicy book also helps you to focus on life more. Say someone asks you to do something you do it and focus a bit more on that thing to make it better. Like art it can improve your art by a bit because you focus more and you're more creative and over time it increases your attention span.
Although reading doesn’t involve interacting, those who read books have better vocabulary than those who don’t read. It also makes you more smarter than non readers.

My last point is that reading is just super awesome! You don’t have to read a book it could me roadwork signs, signs, writing that you just wrote, mail and magazines. The great thing is reading is all around us and that means we can read whatever day, time or situation we are in. My final point is that when you grow up and get a job,you will have to know how to read, or you're in trouble AKA you will get fired on the first day. Even shop owners need to read, Maths also includes reading, and if you don’t know how to read your maths will be wrong.

In conclusion, I think that everyone should read because one it makes you smarter, two it helps you get your memory back and three it makes you less stressed.

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