Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Fitness is good for you, by Angelina

Running. Fitness. I mean seriously people. Whats wrong with doing a little piece of fitness each week like going for a run? nothing! So why are we so lazy? fitness has many advantages to it. Firstly, you can live a longer life, Secondly, you can avoid medical issues and become healthier, thirdly, fitness can create positive impact, and lastly, fitness can be a head start to your future.

Firstly, studies prove healthier people live 2 years longer than the average life. So that means 2 extra years crawling around in a walking frame. adding to extra tears onto your life could allow you to see your grandchildren and maybe even your great-grandchildren. Imagine all the extra magic moments another 2 years might bring you.

Secondly, you have less of a chance of medical issues. Keeping fit and exercising regularly helps you to become a healthier person and a void a lot of medical issues that people still suffer from. for example high blood pressure, back pain, disability, heart disease and stroke just to name a few.

However, continuing to exercise also lowers your blood cholesterol and helps your self-esteem, body figure, posture and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs when in your older years. Your bones become all weak, brittle and frail. A very dangerous condition.

Thirdly, positive impact. What if people saw you exercising? How would they feel? Inspired. If people saw how you were looking and feeling they might decide to start exercising as well. So just by you looking healthy and exercising regularly you might motivate people around you to become fitter, and to improve their health and posture.

Lastly, your future courier. Most personal trainers, gymnastic instructors all have to be fit and do exercise as part as part of their weekly basis. So doing fitness, is basically having a head start to your future. if you wanted your future courier to be a professional athlete or to be known for sport, doing fitness know would help you to achieve your dreams.

So if you wanted to live a longer life, keep fit and slim, stay healthy, create a positive environment or have  sporty courier that you know you’ll love. If you want to do any of those at any point of your, the one thing i’d advise, you guessed it, fitness.

Just one last question to finish-does running late count as exercise?

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