Tuesday, 14 June 2016

my speech rian

Rian James Black/Sammons My Speach is about living in a single parent home.My Mother's name is Shelley and Dad's name is Karl, I have no brothers or sisters.
I was born on the 24th of April 2006, in the North Shore Hosipital.I lived with my Mum untill I was 4.5 Years old when she passed away from Cancer, Then I came to live with my dad where I live now.
In the morning and after school my Nana takes care of me when dad is busy at work. I do my jobs around the house not for pocket money but to help my dad around the house to make things easier for him, and we work together as a team.
In NZ 1 out of 4 of homes has a single parient, 15% of those is a father raising his children, just like my dad and me.I think I have the same chances that children in families with 2 parients have. Just I spend more time with my dad, which is good.
I get to play Soccer, xbox360, PS4, Basketball, handball and go to Cubs at reremoana school. At home I play on the Tramploline, Basketball hoop, hand ball and swim in the spa pool.I still have a Mum we visit her over the North Shore on special days like Mother day, Birthdays, Christmass and other times when I feel like seeing her, We make her grave nice and clean and put new flowers on there.
In my Conclusion, it can be hard living in a single parient home but I am happy and life is good and have people around that care for me and love me, And I should not be treated any differently bacause of it.

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