Tuesday, 14 June 2016

My speech

         Why you should be active.
By Jade

Do you want to live a longer,healthy, happy life?

I’m sure you do.Being active is an important part of reaching this goal.

It is recommended that we do 60 minutes per day of physical activity.

If you're like me and don’t really get into sports, that’s ok .Find something you enjoy, and you're more likely to keep up with it.

This could be….walking the dog,bike riding with family,swimming or running around with friends.

Sometimes we can get caught up watching T.V ,playing Xbox and surfing the internet.

There are great benefits in leading an active life. And here's my reason’s why.

It helps strengthen our muscles and bones.

Helps keep a healthy weight,which can decrease your chance for heart disease and developing type 2 diabetes.

Being active not only helps lesson health problems,but also helps with mental activity.When we exercise,our bodies release endorphins,which are a chemical that creates a happy feeling in our brain.It also helps improve brain function and memory.

Helps motivate us, and keep us alert. Builds self esteem and confidence and gives us a better outlook on life.

So I ask you to join me and make it your goal to lead an active life. It takes just 60 minutes a day, and you too can live a healthier, longer, happy life.

               Thank you!

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