Wednesday, 1 June 2016


It was a dark and stormy night the trees were blowing and the rain was thumping down to the ground, the howling wind was blowing the trees  from side to side and the lightning was striking every 2 minutes it was going to be a bad night I said to myself.

I went into my bedroom and all I could hear was the wind howling through my mum’s bedroom I turned my heat pump and got all cozy in my bed when suddenly I heard the strike I got really scared.Trying to focus on my homework I carry on to do my work but all I could hear was the non-stopping wind blowing everywhere,the lightning striking down every 2 seconds,and the thunder rumbling around in the sky and I could feel it shaking the ground beneath me.

I peeked out through my window just to see what was going on out and around me I could see my neighbors having dinner in a very joyful way, then I look to my right I see the other neighbors lights on and I see the trees moving from side to side,I see the lightning strike,and the thunder rumble and quiet down and then I browse to my left and what do I see?
The same, Oh I wonder what’s happening this is one of the worst rain days in a few years.

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  1. What an enjoyable piece of writing Varshana! I really like how you are using verbs to create a mental picture in the readers mind: "I peeked out through my window". You could have said "I looked" but peeked is so much more powerful. Ka Pai.