Thursday, 2 June 2016


It was a horrible storming night. Everything was dark and windy. It was so silent the clouds were black and grey. Rain was dripping down everywhere I was in my house peeking outside thinking how bad it would be if I was out there. I could hear the wind growling and see the thunder flashing EVERYWHERE. I was really scared? because Mum had told me just me to go feed the rabbits. I didn't want to go out there in my garden all alone. I felt like I could see me out there in the wild wind while it was raining, hailing, and THUNDER was happening at the same time. BTW I smelt my rabbits poop. So I waited until 2 hours later I looked outside and it was safe. It was dripping a bit so I went outside and opened my mouth to taste some rain. But when I was feeding the rabbits I got mud all over me that felt so smooth. But my mission was complete and my happy rabbits was fed.  

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