Thursday, 2 June 2016

                                         The thunder storm

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We were just doing maths group in the classroom and then suddenly it started pouring down with rain. I could hear the thunder as it  was roaring and it was so loud everybody screamed. The wind was whistling and blowing everywhere I couldn’t concentrate. It started getting darker and darker as the birds flew by. A few minutes later it stopped it was so ridiculous the sun came back up. Then suddenly the rain came pouring again boom! Went the thunder, the fields were flooding with muddy soggy water. I went to turn around I saw Kids running around in the puddles having fun, then suddenly “Mrs Bailey said right fitness time” so I went and ran outside everyone was splashing in the mud and puddles so I joined in.

I went to go get my morning tea and come back inside. Suddenly I saw a white faced heron it was so CrAzY I had not seen one in ages. Last year in Mrs Notley’s class we learnt about the white faced heron and the OysterCatcher Bird I couldn’t believe my eyes. Anyway back to the thunderstorm. So I went inside into the classroom and everything was so quiet then the thunder roared out and everyone screamed their heads off.

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