Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Why Parents Are Important-Speech By Ronan

"I think I can live without my parents".
"I don't need my parents!"
Has this ever been you?
Or when you were you were angry at your parents,were you like "Stuff them, I don't need them".
I'm pretty sure this has been you.
Well I am going to tell you why parents are important and why you need them.

My first reason is about parents Solving Problems
Lets say you have a minor problem, such as you want a drink but you can't get the lid off the bottle. What now?
Or a big problem,you have a bullying  incident at school.       Who will help set things straight?
Or an everyday life problem, you are scared, who will cheer you up?
You parents!Of course.

My second reason is about parents Feeding You.
Your parents provide you with food, such as a steak dinner, or an apple for a snack.You are lucky that you have that food.
Also, parents spend money on 1, buying food, 2, going to restaurants and 3, cooking appliances, such as ovens and stoves

My third reason is about parents and their money.
Your parents spend a TON of money on you. They spend money on gifts for your birthday. Kids get $100 worth of gifts. But some lucky kids can get double that.
Parents spend money on clothes,books,stationary and even give you pocket money. How much money do they spend?!
Quick fact. Did you know?
Parents spend between 250 000-$400 000 on each child. WOW!

My fourth and final reason is about parents Caring For You.
This is the most important reason in my speech and one of the most important things in your life.
Your parents provide you with a house. You are safe in that house.
They have jobs to earn money to earn money and work really hard.
They are the ones keeping an eye on you so that you are not in danger. Thank them!
Parents are people that care for you and love you. Treat them very well, hug them every night and say "Thank you for all you've done.

Parents are people that care for you and love you. They are really important in this world. Those are my reasons why parents are important and why you need them. And next time you say something bad about your parents, you might regret it.

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