Tuesday, 14 June 2016

why poachers should be stopped by robbie

My speech

My speech is about Why poachers should be stopped

1)Poachers kill animals for profit, ivory from elephants and fur from big cats.

2) Poachers mostly target endangered animals

3)If there were no poachers in the world animals can live with no fear

Poaching is an illegal form of hunting of wildlife and

happens all over the world. In Asia poachers hunt tigers, in

africa hunters poach rhinos and elephants. There are

many other animals that are hunted by the poachers,

causing problems for everyone.

Poachers make a profit by selling body parts of the animals they hunt on the black market, such as tiger skins and ivory from elephant tusks.

If people did not buy from the poachers, then the poachers would not hunt the animals, so to stop poaching we must also stop the black market.

Poachers mostly target endangered animals. Over hunting of these animals in the past and other reasons have led to falling populations in the wild. It is illegal to hunt and kill endangered animals, so the only way to supply the black market is through poaching.

If poachers continue to hunt endangered animals, what will be left? The poachers are not only destroying the food chain they are changing the circle of life for animals in the wild. Animals that try to move away from the poachers can end up close to villages and in danger from humans.

Poaching endangered animals also affects tourists, if the animals become extinct in the wild then the tourists won’t come. If there is no one to look at the animals then people can’t make money to live.

If there were no poachers then the animals could live without fear. Living without fear from humans would mean that the animals can breed and increase their numbers in the wild. The animals would keep away from the villages and both the animals and humans can live happily.

Without poachers there would be less endangered animals and people could see these animals in the wild and not only in zoos.

We need to take care of our wildlife before it is too late, poachers need to be stopped! People need to stop buying body parts from the black market. Animals need to be safe and not endangered.

Wildlife is one of the most valuable things on earth, so let’s not destroy, let’s stop the poachers!!