Tuesday, 14 June 2016

why sleep is important - speech by Britney


By Britney

“Oh mum why do I have to go to school i’m so tired” this is what I say when I go to bed late. It is really important to go to sleep, and I probably know what you’re thinking this is what your mum or dad says but I agree to that sleep is important and here are my reasons why.

Reason 1  
When we lack the right amount of sleep we don’t get the right amount of things done, such as school work. When we go to school say on fridays and we didn’t finish our homework the the teacher put you in detention and I know that really sucks.

Reason 2
The reason why we need to go to sleep for a limited amount of time is we don’t focus well and we become tired and lazy. When we stay up late watching you’re favourite tv show or finishing you’re homework , makes you really sleepy and you don’t get the right amount of sleep you need , and heres three reasons why you should go to bed when your pearents say 1.you will get in trouble 2.you may get something taken of you and 3.your pearents will get really mad and ground you.

Reason 3
We should go to bed at certain times like 6:30 to 7:00 o’clock. If we go to bed any later than 8:00 we don’t get the right amount of sleep and we don’t do well at school. This is the reason why we should do our homework straight after school but if you have any afternoon activities like some people do you should do them after the activities whenever you have free time. The people who don’t get the right amount of sleep may get unsteady during the day.

Reason 4
Many people are unaware of why we should get a good night sleep , for example you’re studying for this really important test and you decide to drink a cup of coffee then you stay up all night studying for this test and you can’t go to sleep. This might affect them on their test the next day. This is why we should get the right amount of sleep which is 8 hours and you should do this because it can cause all sorts of things like memory loss and sleep deprived.

Reason 5
Sleep plays a very very important role in your life because sleep helps you treat with your mental health, physical health and safety. Sleep also helps your brain prepare you for the next day. Its making ways for you to do learning and remembering things you don’t want to forget. Whether you're learning maths , how to play the piano or how you’re perfect your golf swing sleep helps you learn and make sure you’re doing it properly.

In conclusion this is why sleep is important and I will remind you why, when we don’t get enough sleep we will not get things done, it will make your parents or teacher mad it will cause memory loss and sleep deprived and finally it will make us get the right amount of thing’s done. 

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