Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Why We Should Have Self Driveing Electric Cars

Ugh, I am so dizzy from the party,I can't drive can you drive me?...why not? This would be all solved if we had self driveing electric cars why do you ask 1-time saveing 2- driveing capability 3- other Features 4- the electric system.
 The first reason is time,Becouse the self driveing cars could comunacate with other cars, and cars could go faster ,for example 60 km zones could change to 80 km zones. Also  cars would communicate with each other ,this could minamize trafic jams.The cars could have set speed that wouldn't need as much trafic police to potrol for speeding cars. Google has made self navagating cars with GPS.

My Secound reason is becouse the car is self driveing, you can eat, read a book, sleep and more.There would be no need for breath Teasting to see if someone was to drunk to drive becouse cars can't drink and drive. Truk drivers could also use the system too, Whitch would have an impact on driveing efficiecy.This would also eliminate accidents cused by tired drivers.

Some features the car might have are.. android play, The car might also have USB, AUX and HDMI slots.Bluetooth, WIFI and ISOFIX clild seats.

The last reason is the electric car. There is something called the A-Car, and It is comeing to Aukland. I am on the electric side of things, like the the fact that gases and fumes will be decresed from pertol cars. There will be less carbon dioxide which contributes to global worming , Less carbon monoxide which can called death , Less oxides of nitrogen whitch contributes to acid rain Less sulphur dioxide , less hydrocarbons , benzene whitch is verry flamable , and less lead and other partacals These will be decresed and allmost removed whick is good for the enviroment.

in conclusion, electric self driveing cars are fast, enjoyable and safe. the only other thing is that is it is eco frendly whitch is perfect.

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