Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Why We Should Limit Our Device Time

Intro:Devices are becoming a part of our everyday lives and is something most kids use every single day.Sometimes we use devices way too much and the time we spend on them sometimes gets a little bit out of hand.
P1:If everyone has a device people will get lazier and lazier , and less and less active .and soon all we’ll know how to do is play games and watch videos and all of our intelligence will go to waste
P2: People can also get addicted to devices , and if they get too addicted they might stay on their devices for way too long ,most people tend to stay on their devices for hours.And that is no good .
P3:Device time is most likely to interfere with our lives ,experiences and opportunities .Did you know the average human spends 4 years of their life with their faces stuck to a device or electronic ? that's 1460 days , Pretty shocking right.
P4: Did you know that Kids ages 8-18 are spending more than 7 hours a day with their eyes glued to a device or electronic  Whether it be a computer, iPad, smartphone, television, video game system, or anything else.and that is only the time we spend on devices at home .
P5: Devices take over our sleep and we end up coming to school late or tired, sometimes kids need to catch up on sleep and don't even go to school.If we stay on devices too long it may hurt our eyes , sometimes they go red.
P6: Devices help us keep in touch with people but at the same time we are losing connection , because you see we aren't actually talking in person  we are probably just texting or video calling . But it would be better to have a face to face conversation with someone now and then , not a screen to face conversation.
P7: Devices take out our chores and jobs , then everyone else will be left to do all the work. From my opinion I think kids should only be spending 1 hour on a device and that hour should be used on homework .If you play on devices for long enough your behaviour and personality might start to change .
conclusion:Why should we limit device time ? well I believe that if you stay on a device for too long it will replace your homework , school projects and time with your family. Think of all the exciting experiences and events you will miss . Devices are helpful when you need them but don't let them control your life .

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