Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Why we should read books By Mason

T.v And video games T.v and video games, there must be more to life then this,like playing outside,drawing a picture or even read a book.

well I'm going to perswade you to read books,I know what your thinking why books.
Well listen to me with a book you can picture things in your head,picture this A giant steped on my house or The boy found himself at a strange land and saw strange odd craetures runing in and out of the trees.

Did you picture that, well see what I mean.Reason two you can learn knowledge with fiction and non-fiction books for exsample,With nonfiction you can learn about history,time or space and much much more.

For my last and final reason is you get your excitment up and running,Your up to and entresting part of the book and you can't wait till you find out whats on the next page.

In conclusion you can picture things in your head,learn knowledge with fiction and nonfiction and last of all you can get excitment.
So go pick up a book and start reading know!

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