Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Why you should help around the house. By Eseta.

Why you should help around the house.

I am really board and I have nothing to do and I am going to do some chours.
First im going to make the bed and you need 1 blanket and four pillows  and then im going to make the bed. I think everybody knows how to make their own bed.

Then Next im going to do the dishes. When I went into the kitchen and there were lots of plates,bowls and cups.

So i've finished the dishes and know im going to wipe the windows and I need a bucket,spray and a cloth I could borrow from the kitchen draws.

Ah i've finally finished wiping the windows.Now I have to do the doors and I think that everybody has done before.

Now the second to last thing I have to do the lunch so I did the lunch and I gave each person a youghrert,sandwhich,apple and also a orange.

Then I made some dinner with my dad and it was ready and I helped my dad get out the plates as well and then I grab the food and put the on the table.

In conclusion 

I love my dad and I will do anything to help my dad becouse my family is speacil and take my advice don't talk back to your parents and because there lovely.

By Eseta

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