Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Why you should play sports?


Are you tired staying inside all day or you want to go and play sports,well get off your lazy couch and get out there and start playing some sports,so you won’t be bored inside doing nothing.  
Do we need to sports?????Ans: Yes because sports is important.So Here is some of my reasons why you should play sports.

  • When we grow up we will be like an old person because we are not doing enough sports.
  • Sports will help improve learning, memory and concentration.
  • Sports give you self confidence when we know, we have to practice,Improve and achieve sports.

  1. We should play sports because It keeps us fit and healthy also it helps us lose weight and helps us Improve our stamina and healthiness. When we grow up we will look older than our age if we don’t do any sports and will get sick easily.So that’s why we should play sports often and keep on doing it.

2) Sports is fun and great to do,because we get to play with our friends and bond with each other and also connecting with people we just meet at school or at home, so that way we can have more friends to play with when we are bored and when we play we need to respect the other team.

3) Sports also helps us build our self-confidence,self esteem and self control eg: when we are angry it helps to control our tantrum after being in a fight or someone telling on you when you did nothing wrong,blaming it all on you.

4)Teamwork and sportsmanship can help teach us to be supportive to our teammates and enjoy success and accept disappointment it’s like winning is losing and losing is winning.

5)When we play sports it’s like playing with your family at home but it’s not,instead it is you and your teammates as one big happy family playing together instead.

So that’s why we should play sports because it helps  us to control ourselves, teach us the benefits of goal setting and keeps us fit and healthy. Sports also helps us achieve things we weren't good at, which will help us develop social skills, teamwork, cooperation, and leadership that will teach us the personal skills such as self discipline, work ethic and coping with disappointment.  That’s why you should get out there and go have fun and enjoy playing sports. Thank you.

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