Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Why you should try as many oppitunites as we can By Dannielle

Why you should try as many opportunities as we can.

There are so many opportunities at reremoana school like sports, cultural groups,music, lion king and student  council/leaders.many students are not signing up for as many opportunities as they can which is pretty disappointing . I believe every single student in this school should try all the opportunities they can  before they leave as year 8’s here are my reasons why
1)They will get to know what they like  for in the future.
2)The importance of education
3)Learn to use teamwork, resilience and more
4)test themselves to the best of their ability

Firstly the opportunities that you try will help you figure out what you would like to do for in the future If you liked doing  the activities that have  singing,acting or dancing you can do special theater programs or if you liked doing sport activities you can do more sports clubs. There are clubs and groups for almost everything so it doesn’t matter what you like.

Secondly All parents want their children to have good education and go to a good high school.When you try the opportunities  you will know how to be okay or good at the activity and  if you choose to further your education at university then the activities will benefit you

Thirdly you will learn collaborations skill and resilents.Most opportunities you do are with a team through this you will learn to work and collaborate with others learning how to collaborate will help be a better team player in an organization and then be a successful leader .Resilents  there at times in your life where you will not succeed and you will struggle unfortunately but  resilents will help you keep fighting and try again to succeed.

Finally they will test themselves to the best of their ability   for example  pushing themselves in a certain sport may lead to future success  being selected for a national team who wouldn't want that  .pushing yourself will allow you to see how far you can go so you can deal with any future challenges.

Overall the opportunities you take will help you know what you like, help with good education,teach you collaboration and resilents and help push yourself to the best you can be.the opportunities you do at school will get you ready for your future. I hope i have persuaded you to believe what I believe which is to try as many opportunities as you can. Thank you.

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