Tuesday, 14 June 2016

You guys shouldn't play video-games too long… By Branden

Why you guys should play video games...

If you play video games for more than 3 hours, Are you aware that you are becoming that person that plays video games and constantly thinks about the game. Some people think video-games are not time wasters, but really they are. Children and Adults spend too long doing this, So I believe that You guys shouldn't play video-games too long…

For starters, video games are not bad, spending too much time on them is bad. Some people may get too addicted to games like Minecraft and Counterstrike. I have been addicted to some games as well. There are those types of games where you got a goal and you need to beat it, but you keep losing and restarting. Those are the types of games that are really addictive. When playing a videogame and you are really addicted to it, sometimes you can lose control of yourself, hardly think about who’s around you and constantly thinking about that type of game.

Secondly, Why do children play video games. They basically do it because it's fun, to relax, playing in their own world. Let ME Explain, They mostly like the types of games what they like doing normally.

Video games can be good and bad, for example, some of the good ideas like, problem solving, creating new things and using your imagination. But some off the bad things are, well I already said this, too addictive and focusing about the game instead of other things. Are you aware you really want to become that person that play video games and thinks about the game all the time.
So here are some strategies that you can work on.  
  1. Time limit, when you're playing video games it feels like an 1 hour BUT NO, it's been 5 hours
  2. Create good habits, by that I mean, do the not so fun things first and then play the fun things.
  3. Do some non electronic hobbies that you love, for example, go play with your friends
  4. Make sure you be considerate to others, you may get cheeky and inconsiderate to other people .
Trust me on these tips, I was one of those people who play games heaps of times.

So In conclusion, Being aware that you should not play videogames too long would be good idea to keep in mind so you don't get addicted. Video games are not bad, think about the time limit you could have to stop playing video games to long. So there you guys have it, Try out some of these things, and good luck. Thanks

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