Sunday, 30 October 2016

CAMP Lake wood lodge 2016

                                                             CAMPOn Tuesday the 18th of October, the year 7 and 8s went to lakewood lodge for 2016 camp. Everyone was really excited for a great journey ahead for a week.When I arrived to school at the hall everyone handed all their medicine, biscuits and carried our bags to wear the bus would pick our bags up etc: Then we had our final meeting before we packed our bags on the bus.      When we arrived we were welcomed like we were going home or something. We got out of the bus,and picked up our bags were the bus stopped, and went up to the girls cabin AKA the main error.


After we packed all our bags away and picked where we wanted to sleep, we went downstairs to grab some biscuits we all brang in. For morning tea.After we had some biscuits.It was time to get ready to go to survival camp so we grabbed our daypack bag some clothes, togs, a hat, sun screen and all the other stuff we needed for a whole day and night.After we grabbed all of stuff we needed to survive with we started heading down to survival camp to play minigames and put up our tent we needed to sleep in. After we played some minigames and put up our tent we had to chuck on some togs for the mud run.The mud run was stinky and fun it was really hard to get through because it was quite deep for me it seemed like it took a long time for me to finish! Because heaps of people went past me really quick and i was going really slow!After everyone did the mud run we all had to go to this water pond to get all the icky mud off us from the mud run. When everyone was done with the water pond it was time to cook dinner. The dinner was really yum than we had some marshmallows I only got 6 but it was really delicious. Then it was time to go to sleep.


In the morning we woke up at 7.25 and had to get ready for the morning run we ran 2 laps around some lake wood lodge areas and then we had some breakfast.Then it was time for our first activity which was horse games horse games were really fun I got to groom Maz (the horse) and ride Maz and play mini games with Maz and 5 other people got to do Maz too. And the tall people got to groom Joe ( the horse ) ride on Joe and play mini games with Joe, Horse games were really fun.
After we played Horse Games it was time to have morning tea at 10:30 - 11:00 and then go to wall climbing when we went to wall climbing it was really fun because we got to climb to the top of the wall and ring the bell. We all went to the top of the wall climbing and rang the bell. For the last little bit of time we had to left we went on the small wall and had a competition who would win and I won!
After that it was time for lunch till 12:30 - 13:30 when we had lunch we went to our next activity which was Archery , Archery was really fun because we got to shoot arrows on the board but i accidentally shooted some arrows over the board and lost some scores for me.  Afterwards we had free choice to do the water slide till 15:30 to 16:00 the water slide was really fun i went down the water slide on my belly mostly on my belly.


Than it was time to do the talent show the talent show was really funny and weird at the talent show my group the ( tough cookies ) came 2 place we were so close!!!On the last day of camp I did low ropes, low ropes were really challenging. Than on the last day for my 2 activity on the last day I did the flying fox the flying the flying fox was fun just drifting in the air. And the last activity was kayaking for kayaking we went really far.  At night we had y games that was very long but realllllly fun.And than the next day we left to go back to school.

We’re the diamante tigers we here to fight beware of us we’ll face i’ll might we’re here to stay if you like it or not let's go DT BOOM!!! ( we shouted sang all the time ) BY CAITLIN


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