Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Halloween Poem by Ronan

Halloween Poem

It’s halloween
We are having a meeting
With all the kids in town
So we can go trick or treating

We beg for candy
Some say yes
Some say no
Some are just a mess

We have a lot of candy
We eat it all up
Some have a glass full
Whilst others have a cup
Image result for lots of candy

It is time for bed
But then I hear a witch
Was it real?
Or was it just a glitch?
Image result for witch
Yesterday was so much fun
So we had a lobster
But then so suddenly
We see a monster
Image result for monster transparent
Is it a pumpkin
Is it a goblin
Whatever it is
We are putting it in the bin
Image result for bin transparent
It was a wild day
Or was it two?
Whatever, what’s gonna happen is
I’m gonna scare… YOU!!!
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