Tuesday, 14 February 2017

why we should wear school uniform

Why we SHOULD wear school uniform

I believe that we should wear school uniform and not mufti because it is a good representation to our school, it gives us pride in what we do and gives us identity. When people wear mufti some people might not like what they wearing because of their religion, culture or if there family just doesn't want them to.

Bullying can stop. If students wear uniforms they can't get bullied for what they wear because everyone is wearing the same thing. People get bullied for wearing certain clothes that are different from others. So, if everyone wear uniforms no one can get bullied for wearing different clothing. It also gives us representation to our school and it makes everyone feel comfortable in what they wear. When you get bullied in high school peole can get bullied and commit suicide and that is not good because, you should be able to live a long and good life.

We should wear school uniform because when we go on school trips/field days your teachers and other people know what you're apart of or know who you are. So here’s an example. If the school went on a field trip to a science lab and say one of the chemicals exploded and the teacher calls the students and, then not everyone shows up and you're left behind. So then everyone gets out and the lab went on lockdown mode and you're still in there so you die.

So when you have school uniform and you ditch it for normal clothes it would cost your parents so much money, and I know my parents complain to me a lot, how school uniform is so expensive. If you ditch school uniform it would be a bad idea all round because it would make your parents angry because you wasted there money, most people don’t have enough clothes to wear to school every day and people can be poor and can’t keep buying clothes all the time, when it comes to the weekend or when you are sick you can wear mufti at home then you don’t have to wear it at school and waste your money.

So in conclusion you should wear school uniform so you can’t get bullied and feel comfortable in what you wear, it will save your parents money and it can save you from getting lost or dieing so that's why you should wear school uniform.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Athletics day By Ella

Athletics report

Beep the bus had stopped, and everyone came spilling out of the buses, in big large clumps, yapping along the way to the, meeting grounds, where the first event would start, the 1500m race.
All the year 6, 7, and 8 students started walking in groups to the 1500m track, the 7s went up 1st. And got in their positions.

On your marks, get set, says dean, the caregiver, as he loads his gun, BANG! The runners start of at a reasonable pace, making each stride of the 4 laps count. The are onto their 2nd lap now, faces looking red. Two girls in the race, overlapped 3 other girls from the school. The rest of the school watching goes wild and cheers their names while others cheer for the girls in first place almost making their 3rd lap.

The three girls in the front, all sprinted even harder, trying to get to the 3rd lap first, soon reaching it seconds later, everyone clapped and cheered, almost falling off the edge of their seats, and all of a sudden the girls started sprinting, pushing themselves to the finish, WOOHOO cheers the crowd. 1st 2nd and 3rd placings are taken, there is only 1 spot left, fourth.

I see two girls battling it out, Ella and Chloe, sprinting to the end, as hard as they can, and Bang 4th and 5th placings are gone to Ella and Chloe, Chloe coming in 5th and Ella coming in 4th.

As the girls come off the field they all smile with great grins, they were all really happy, that they had accomplished the 1500m race.

Soon they came onto the long jump pit, they all lined up in a big long wonky line in a special order.
Then the coach said up first, kendyl, she ran up and jumped a 3.42, very impressive, soon, it was rivers turn, coming in 2nd, she made a very impressive jump aswell, 3.78, WEllDONE! Next it was Ashley’s turn, she ran up at top speed, just missing the record mark, but coming in the 1st place, Well Done guys.

Later that day, the year 7 girls went off to the high jump course. The ladies lowered the high jump pit and called up the first person to jump, kendyl. She made a astounding jump and made it over the bar safely hiring the expectations for everyone.

After everyone had had a go making it over or not, we were up to the final four. Kendyl, RIver, Ashley, and Steph. Kendyl started and made a great jump, making it over the bar, followed by an amazing act by Ashley, making it over. Now it was down to the two girls, river and steph, River went first, knocking down the bar. Steph was up next, she jumped over but knocked it down, so both girls tied 3rd place.
Down to the only two girls that made it, kendyl went up first, hitting the bar down and making a 2nd place. Ashley, coming in 1st made the jump and beat the record by, 7cm, WOW.

Straight after the high jump the girls went to shot put, where Ashley again came, 1st and beat another record, for the year 7 girls.

Soon it was the end of the day and it was time for the relay, starting in lane one was Jessica running for kowhai, in lane 2 it was Leche rimu, in lane three was Ella running for Kuari, and in lane four was river, running for Totara. On your marks said dean, get set bang, All the girls sprint down the 100m track, and quickly handed the batter to the next teammate along. All the students in the school clapped and cheered for their houses, GO KUARI, GO RIMU!
GO KOWHAI, TOTARA! The last people sprinted to the end pushing Kuari in 3rd Rimu in 1st Totara in 2nd, and kawhai in 4th! Congratulations to them!
By Ella