Tuesday, 14 June 2016

why we should read by Ella

Why We Should Have Self Driveing Electric Cars

Ugh, I am so dizzy from the party,I can't drive can you drive me?...why not? This would be all solved if we had self driveing electric cars why do you ask 1-time saveing 2- driveing capability 3- other Features 4- the electric system.
 The first reason is time,Becouse the self driveing cars could comunacate with other cars, and cars could go faster ,for example 60 km zones could change to 80 km zones. Also  cars would communicate with each other ,this could minamize trafic jams.The cars could have set speed that wouldn't need as much trafic police to potrol for speeding cars. Google has made self navagating cars with GPS.

My Secound reason is becouse the car is self driveing, you can eat, read a book, sleep and more.There would be no need for breath Teasting to see if someone was to drunk to drive becouse cars can't drink and drive. Truk drivers could also use the system too, Whitch would have an impact on driveing efficiecy.This would also eliminate accidents cused by tired drivers.

Some features the car might have are.. android play, The car might also have USB, AUX and HDMI slots.Bluetooth, WIFI and ISOFIX clild seats.

The last reason is the electric car. There is something called the A-Car, and It is comeing to Aukland. I am on the electric side of things, like the the fact that gases and fumes will be decresed from pertol cars. There will be less carbon dioxide which contributes to global worming , Less carbon monoxide which can called death , Less oxides of nitrogen whitch contributes to acid rain Less sulphur dioxide , less hydrocarbons , benzene whitch is verry flamable , and less lead and other partacals These will be decresed and allmost removed whick is good for the enviroment.

in conclusion, electric self driveing cars are fast, enjoyable and safe. the only other thing is that is it is eco frendly whitch is perfect.

Fitness is good for you, by Angelina

Running. Fitness. I mean seriously people. Whats wrong with doing a little piece of fitness each week like going for a run? nothing! So why are we so lazy? fitness has many advantages to it. Firstly, you can live a longer life, Secondly, you can avoid medical issues and become healthier, thirdly, fitness can create positive impact, and lastly, fitness can be a head start to your future.

Firstly, studies prove healthier people live 2 years longer than the average life. So that means 2 extra years crawling around in a walking frame. adding to extra tears onto your life could allow you to see your grandchildren and maybe even your great-grandchildren. Imagine all the extra magic moments another 2 years might bring you.

Secondly, you have less of a chance of medical issues. Keeping fit and exercising regularly helps you to become a healthier person and a void a lot of medical issues that people still suffer from. for example high blood pressure, back pain, disability, heart disease and stroke just to name a few.

However, continuing to exercise also lowers your blood cholesterol and helps your self-esteem, body figure, posture and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs when in your older years. Your bones become all weak, brittle and frail. A very dangerous condition.

Thirdly, positive impact. What if people saw you exercising? How would they feel? Inspired. If people saw how you were looking and feeling they might decide to start exercising as well. So just by you looking healthy and exercising regularly you might motivate people around you to become fitter, and to improve their health and posture.

Lastly, your future courier. Most personal trainers, gymnastic instructors all have to be fit and do exercise as part as part of their weekly basis. So doing fitness, is basically having a head start to your future. if you wanted your future courier to be a professional athlete or to be known for sport, doing fitness know would help you to achieve your dreams.

So if you wanted to live a longer life, keep fit and slim, stay healthy, create a positive environment or have  sporty courier that you know you’ll love. If you want to do any of those at any point of your, the one thing i’d advise, you guessed it, fitness.

Just one last question to finish-does running late count as exercise?

why sleep is important - speech by Britney


By Britney

“Oh mum why do I have to go to school i’m so tired” this is what I say when I go to bed late. It is really important to go to sleep, and I probably know what you’re thinking this is what your mum or dad says but I agree to that sleep is important and here are my reasons why.

Reason 1  
When we lack the right amount of sleep we don’t get the right amount of things done, such as school work. When we go to school say on fridays and we didn’t finish our homework the the teacher put you in detention and I know that really sucks.

Reason 2
The reason why we need to go to sleep for a limited amount of time is we don’t focus well and we become tired and lazy. When we stay up late watching you’re favourite tv show or finishing you’re homework , makes you really sleepy and you don’t get the right amount of sleep you need , and heres three reasons why you should go to bed when your pearents say 1.you will get in trouble 2.you may get something taken of you and 3.your pearents will get really mad and ground you.

Reason 3
We should go to bed at certain times like 6:30 to 7:00 o’clock. If we go to bed any later than 8:00 we don’t get the right amount of sleep and we don’t do well at school. This is the reason why we should do our homework straight after school but if you have any afternoon activities like some people do you should do them after the activities whenever you have free time. The people who don’t get the right amount of sleep may get unsteady during the day.

Reason 4
Many people are unaware of why we should get a good night sleep , for example you’re studying for this really important test and you decide to drink a cup of coffee then you stay up all night studying for this test and you can’t go to sleep. This might affect them on their test the next day. This is why we should get the right amount of sleep which is 8 hours and you should do this because it can cause all sorts of things like memory loss and sleep deprived.

Reason 5
Sleep plays a very very important role in your life because sleep helps you treat with your mental health, physical health and safety. Sleep also helps your brain prepare you for the next day. Its making ways for you to do learning and remembering things you don’t want to forget. Whether you're learning maths , how to play the piano or how you’re perfect your golf swing sleep helps you learn and make sure you’re doing it properly.

In conclusion this is why sleep is important and I will remind you why, when we don’t get enough sleep we will not get things done, it will make your parents or teacher mad it will cause memory loss and sleep deprived and finally it will make us get the right amount of thing’s done. 

Why Parents Are Important-Speech By Ronan

"I think I can live without my parents".
"I don't need my parents!"
Has this ever been you?
Or when you were you were angry at your parents,were you like "Stuff them, I don't need them".
I'm pretty sure this has been you.
Well I am going to tell you why parents are important and why you need them.

My first reason is about parents Solving Problems
Lets say you have a minor problem, such as you want a drink but you can't get the lid off the bottle. What now?
Or a big problem,you have a bullying  incident at school.       Who will help set things straight?
Or an everyday life problem, you are scared, who will cheer you up?
You parents!Of course.

My second reason is about parents Feeding You.
Your parents provide you with food, such as a steak dinner, or an apple for a snack.You are lucky that you have that food.
Also, parents spend money on 1, buying food, 2, going to restaurants and 3, cooking appliances, such as ovens and stoves

My third reason is about parents and their money.
Your parents spend a TON of money on you. They spend money on gifts for your birthday. Kids get $100 worth of gifts. But some lucky kids can get double that.
Parents spend money on clothes,books,stationary and even give you pocket money. How much money do they spend?!
Quick fact. Did you know?
Parents spend between 250 000-$400 000 on each child. WOW!

My fourth and final reason is about parents Caring For You.
This is the most important reason in my speech and one of the most important things in your life.
Your parents provide you with a house. You are safe in that house.
They have jobs to earn money to earn money and work really hard.
They are the ones keeping an eye on you so that you are not in danger. Thank them!
Parents are people that care for you and love you. Treat them very well, hug them every night and say "Thank you for all you've done.

Parents are people that care for you and love you. They are really important in this world. Those are my reasons why parents are important and why you need them. And next time you say something bad about your parents, you might regret it.

my speech rian

Rian James Black/Sammons My Speach is about living in a single parent home.My Mother's name is Shelley and Dad's name is Karl, I have no brothers or sisters.
I was born on the 24th of April 2006, in the North Shore Hosipital.I lived with my Mum untill I was 4.5 Years old when she passed away from Cancer, Then I came to live with my dad where I live now.
In the morning and after school my Nana takes care of me when dad is busy at work. I do my jobs around the house not for pocket money but to help my dad around the house to make things easier for him, and we work together as a team.
In NZ 1 out of 4 of homes has a single parient, 15% of those is a father raising his children, just like my dad and me.I think I have the same chances that children in families with 2 parients have. Just I spend more time with my dad, which is good.
I get to play Soccer, xbox360, PS4, Basketball, handball and go to Cubs at reremoana school. At home I play on the Tramploline, Basketball hoop, hand ball and swim in the spa pool.I still have a Mum we visit her over the North Shore on special days like Mother day, Birthdays, Christmass and other times when I feel like seeing her, We make her grave nice and clean and put new flowers on there.
In my Conclusion, it can be hard living in a single parient home but I am happy and life is good and have people around that care for me and love me, And I should not be treated any differently bacause of it.

Why you should try as many oppitunites as we can By Dannielle

Why you should try as many opportunities as we can.

There are so many opportunities at reremoana school like sports, cultural groups,music, lion king and student  council/leaders.many students are not signing up for as many opportunities as they can which is pretty disappointing . I believe every single student in this school should try all the opportunities they can  before they leave as year 8’s here are my reasons why
1)They will get to know what they like  for in the future.
2)The importance of education
3)Learn to use teamwork, resilience and more
4)test themselves to the best of their ability

Firstly the opportunities that you try will help you figure out what you would like to do for in the future If you liked doing  the activities that have  singing,acting or dancing you can do special theater programs or if you liked doing sport activities you can do more sports clubs. There are clubs and groups for almost everything so it doesn’t matter what you like.

Secondly All parents want their children to have good education and go to a good high school.When you try the opportunities  you will know how to be okay or good at the activity and  if you choose to further your education at university then the activities will benefit you

Thirdly you will learn collaborations skill and resilents.Most opportunities you do are with a team through this you will learn to work and collaborate with others learning how to collaborate will help be a better team player in an organization and then be a successful leader .Resilents  there at times in your life where you will not succeed and you will struggle unfortunately but  resilents will help you keep fighting and try again to succeed.

Finally they will test themselves to the best of their ability   for example  pushing themselves in a certain sport may lead to future success  being selected for a national team who wouldn't want that  .pushing yourself will allow you to see how far you can go so you can deal with any future challenges.

Overall the opportunities you take will help you know what you like, help with good education,teach you collaboration and resilents and help push yourself to the best you can be.the opportunities you do at school will get you ready for your future. I hope i have persuaded you to believe what I believe which is to try as many opportunities as you can. Thank you.

Why we should read books By Mason

T.v And video games T.v and video games, there must be more to life then this,like playing outside,drawing a picture or even read a book.

well I'm going to perswade you to read books,I know what your thinking why books.
Well listen to me with a book you can picture things in your head,picture this A giant steped on my house or The boy found himself at a strange land and saw strange odd craetures runing in and out of the trees.

Did you picture that, well see what I mean.Reason two you can learn knowledge with fiction and non-fiction books for exsample,With nonfiction you can learn about history,time or space and much much more.

For my last and final reason is you get your excitment up and running,Your up to and entresting part of the book and you can't wait till you find out whats on the next page.

In conclusion you can picture things in your head,learn knowledge with fiction and nonfiction and last of all you can get excitment.
So go pick up a book and start reading know!

Richard's Speech

Why we need to eat Fruit and Veg

Do your parents tell you to eat your fruit and veg? Well, fruit and veg is packed with all these amazing things. Today, I'm being the parent and telling you why you need to eat your fruit and veg.

Firstly, fruit and veg are packed with all these amazing things. These are all the vitamins, minerals including potassium, fibre, carbohydrates, and many wonderful things for a healthy diet. Also, the NZ Heart Foundation recommends you having 6 teaspoons of sugar per day. This is not including fruit or veg. They also recommend you having 5 servings of veg, and 2 servings of fruit.

Secondly, eating fruit and veg helps you stay fit. Staying fit gives you a bigger variety of what jog you want to have. Instead of sitting down with a computer, you can be an athlete, and become world famous!! Also, eating fruit and veg helps you live longer. Eating these foods fights dangerous diseases, like Type 2 Diabetes.

My third reason is fruit and veg are natural. This means, not only can you buy fruit and veg from the supermarket, you can get seeds, and grow your own fruit and veg in your backyard!! Did you know that growing your own fruit and veg saves you money, and is better for the environment. Growing your own fruit and veg is much tastier, and pest free. Plus, growing trees trap odors and pollutants.

Finally, there is a massive variety of fruit and vegetables. There are approximately 150 different types of common fruit and veg. Crunchy and juicy, with each fruit and veg bringing a different flavour, there is a guarantee that there are plenty you'll love!

So, these are my reasons why you need to eat your fruit and veg. They are packed with nutrition, fight dangerous diseases, and there are plenty you'll love. Now, GO eat your fruit and veg.

Why you should help around the house. By Eseta.

Why you should help around the house.

I am really board and I have nothing to do and I am going to do some chours.
First im going to make the bed and you need 1 blanket and four pillows  and then im going to make the bed. I think everybody knows how to make their own bed.

Then Next im going to do the dishes. When I went into the kitchen and there were lots of plates,bowls and cups.

So i've finished the dishes and know im going to wipe the windows and I need a bucket,spray and a cloth I could borrow from the kitchen draws.

Ah i've finally finished wiping the windows.Now I have to do the doors and I think that everybody has done before.

Now the second to last thing I have to do the lunch so I did the lunch and I gave each person a youghrert,sandwhich,apple and also a orange.

Then I made some dinner with my dad and it was ready and I helped my dad get out the plates as well and then I grab the food and put the on the table.

In conclusion 

I love my dad and I will do anything to help my dad becouse my family is speacil and take my advice don't talk back to your parents and because there lovely.

By Eseta

Why we should not do speeches at school by Caleb

Have you ever been nervous about doing speeches?
Have you ever thought about wagging school when you had to do speeches? Well today I hope to persuade you (and in particular, the teachers) on why students shouldn’t be made to do speeches at school.

My first reason is that making and performing a speech is a waste of time. You could be learning something new in those 7 weeks instead of doing that wretched speech! Like learning another language! Learning another language creates more brain pathways or connections which makes you more intelligent! Isn’t that what we strive for at school?  I’m really hoping that Reremoana’s WALT for speeches is NOT “scaring kids out of their wits” which is the end result.  Also, someone might be repeating their speech from previous years which means they aren’t even researching a topic and they stay at the same intelligence level.

My next reason is the fear some people have of doing speeches.
Did you know that speeches can cause stress, which increases your blood pressure, raises cortisol levels and increases stomach acid which isn’t good for you?  Raised blood pressure increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks.  Increased stomach acid over time causes painful stomach ulcers.  None of these are desirable outcomes.
Some people have Glossophobia (fear of speeches) and if they are forced to present a speech to an audience it can cause drama like crying, people laughing at them and that is not nice and can be taken as teasing which causes even more drama.
Year after year students are subject to these awful side affects:-
  • sweaty palms,
  • being short of breath (hyperventilation),
  • their stomach tied in knots,
  • The dreaded mind blank where under pressure your memorised speech drifts off from your clutches
  • Voice starts to shake after doing long speech
Another reason why people don’t like doing public speaking is they might speed through their speech and make it much shorter, and  our speeches have to be 2 minutes 30 seconds and 3 minutes, and we could go fast and get a bad mark because we were off time.

Students who have another main language are at a disadvantage.
Speeches are basically a test of how well you can talk in front of a group of people, as opposed to what you actually know about the topic at hand- which makes them a poor assessor of the actual course material.

For one last thing to take into consideration, take the lion king performance we are doing at our school.
The people who did not want to perform  just DIDN’T sign up for it! There was a choice.
For Speeches you have no choice.
You just have to do it.

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