Tuesday, 14 February 2017

why we should wear school uniform

Why we SHOULD wear school uniform

I believe that we should wear school uniform and not mufti because it is a good representation to our school, it gives us pride in what we do and gives us identity. When people wear mufti some people might not like what they wearing because of their religion, culture or if there family just doesn't want them to.

Bullying can stop. If students wear uniforms they can't get bullied for what they wear because everyone is wearing the same thing. People get bullied for wearing certain clothes that are different from others. So, if everyone wear uniforms no one can get bullied for wearing different clothing. It also gives us representation to our school and it makes everyone feel comfortable in what they wear. When you get bullied in high school peole can get bullied and commit suicide and that is not good because, you should be able to live a long and good life.

We should wear school uniform because when we go on school trips/field days your teachers and other people know what you're apart of or know who you are. So here’s an example. If the school went on a field trip to a science lab and say one of the chemicals exploded and the teacher calls the students and, then not everyone shows up and you're left behind. So then everyone gets out and the lab went on lockdown mode and you're still in there so you die.

So when you have school uniform and you ditch it for normal clothes it would cost your parents so much money, and I know my parents complain to me a lot, how school uniform is so expensive. If you ditch school uniform it would be a bad idea all round because it would make your parents angry because you wasted there money, most people don’t have enough clothes to wear to school every day and people can be poor and can’t keep buying clothes all the time, when it comes to the weekend or when you are sick you can wear mufti at home then you don’t have to wear it at school and waste your money.

So in conclusion you should wear school uniform so you can’t get bullied and feel comfortable in what you wear, it will save your parents money and it can save you from getting lost or dieing so that's why you should wear school uniform.

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