Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Quick 10 writing By Dannielle

                                      My Best Friend

This girl is amazing,she is fast,smart,caring and beautiful.Her long straight chocolate brown hair is always tied up in either a high plate or a pony tail.She has hazel eyes that shimmer in the sun,and a warm smile that always lightens up my day.

At school she is amazing and is always giving everything a try and is never giving up, she is practically unstoppable.She is my best friend and will always be.She is also a caring girl and helps everyone whether she knows she doing it or not.

Desciption Quick 10 (By Ella)


Her eyes shimmer and sparkle,
as it reflects a muddy hazel color,
while her black holes of a puple stand out.

Her gleam hair waves in the wind,
Revealing a beautiful blonde.

Her teeth are as white as an easter bunny,
on a white winters day.

Her cheeky little smile forces her blushy cheeks to bulge out.
As her freckles pop out like polka dots.

Who am I describing? ASHLEY

The Normal Story By Richard

There was a normal guy, with a normal name. He had a normal house, in a normal city, in a normal country, in a normal planet, in a normal universe. His name was Dan. Dan had a normal  personality with a normal voice. He said normal things. He looked normal, with a normal hair-style. He had a normal body. He had normal stuff. Normal toilet, cutlery, couch.He entered a normal competition. He did a normal dance, and the crowd made normal noises. They cheered. Then he went Then he went back to his house in his normal car. 
And that is the unusual, OOPS I meant normal Story!!