Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween Poem I By Richard

Halloween Poem   
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Tonight is Halloween
It’s very dark at night
I don’t know how kids can see
Everything is black and white

My mum was up all night
Opening the door
Kids wanting candy
Begging “I want more!”
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There is a competition
For the pile with the most height
Everyone was fierce
Some had a fight

Everyone had candy
I shouted “That’s mine!”
To a very creepy dude
Who was dressed as Frankenstein
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It was now time to go
Head home and gp to bed
But I went into my brother’s room
And wacked her on the head
Happy Halloween!!
Shadows in the darkness!!!
By Caitlin Purves, Brittney Chapman, and Ella Barr. Year 7 students 2016
The lights turn off,
In the haunted house tonight,
With squeals and screams,
That gives me quite a fright.

I see a vision of a bat,
Could it be dracula or a rat?
Suddenly I feel teeth Sinking into my skin,
Sucking out my blood from within.

My teeth burst like i’m cursed,
Out pops a fang,
I fly around and start to hang,
I shiver in fear as I should’ve been aware,
In the haunted house tonight.  

I soon see a figure creeping up to the house,
I swoop down and catch him like a mouse,
For I am thirsty for blood.

In the darkness of the night,
I take a thirsty bite,
as the helpless boy shrieked in fright,
Cause I am a vampire lurking in the night.

Now that all the rotten smelly children are in bed,
I come in and bite their ugly heads.

CAMP Lake wood lodge 2016

                                                             CAMPOn Tuesday the 18th of October, the year 7 and 8s went to lakewood lodge for 2016 camp. Everyone was really excited for a great journey ahead for a week.When I arrived to school at the hall everyone handed all their medicine, biscuits and carried our bags to wear the bus would pick our bags up etc: Then we had our final meeting before we packed our bags on the bus.      When we arrived we were welcomed like we were going home or something. We got out of the bus,and picked up our bags were the bus stopped, and went up to the girls cabin AKA the main error.


After we packed all our bags away and picked where we wanted to sleep, we went downstairs to grab some biscuits we all brang in. For morning tea.After we had some biscuits.It was time to get ready to go to survival camp so we grabbed our daypack bag some clothes, togs, a hat, sun screen and all the other stuff we needed for a whole day and night.After we grabbed all of stuff we needed to survive with we started heading down to survival camp to play minigames and put up our tent we needed to sleep in. After we played some minigames and put up our tent we had to chuck on some togs for the mud run.The mud run was stinky and fun it was really hard to get through because it was quite deep for me it seemed like it took a long time for me to finish! Because heaps of people went past me really quick and i was going really slow!After everyone did the mud run we all had to go to this water pond to get all the icky mud off us from the mud run. When everyone was done with the water pond it was time to cook dinner. The dinner was really yum than we had some marshmallows I only got 6 but it was really delicious. Then it was time to go to sleep.


In the morning we woke up at 7.25 and had to get ready for the morning run we ran 2 laps around some lake wood lodge areas and then we had some breakfast.Then it was time for our first activity which was horse games horse games were really fun I got to groom Maz (the horse) and ride Maz and play mini games with Maz and 5 other people got to do Maz too. And the tall people got to groom Joe ( the horse ) ride on Joe and play mini games with Joe, Horse games were really fun.
After we played Horse Games it was time to have morning tea at 10:30 - 11:00 and then go to wall climbing when we went to wall climbing it was really fun because we got to climb to the top of the wall and ring the bell. We all went to the top of the wall climbing and rang the bell. For the last little bit of time we had to left we went on the small wall and had a competition who would win and I won!
After that it was time for lunch till 12:30 - 13:30 when we had lunch we went to our next activity which was Archery , Archery was really fun because we got to shoot arrows on the board but i accidentally shooted some arrows over the board and lost some scores for me.  Afterwards we had free choice to do the water slide till 15:30 to 16:00 the water slide was really fun i went down the water slide on my belly mostly on my belly.


Than it was time to do the talent show the talent show was really funny and weird at the talent show my group the ( tough cookies ) came 2 place we were so close!!!On the last day of camp I did low ropes, low ropes were really challenging. Than on the last day for my 2 activity on the last day I did the flying fox the flying the flying fox was fun just drifting in the air. And the last activity was kayaking for kayaking we went really far.  At night we had y games that was very long but realllllly fun.And than the next day we left to go back to school.

We’re the diamante tigers we here to fight beware of us we’ll face i’ll might we’re here to stay if you like it or not let's go DT BOOM!!! ( we shouted sang all the time ) BY CAITLIN


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My camp experiance By Ella

Lakewood lodge Camp

Day 1
‘pssssssssfff’ the bus had stopped finally we were here! We unraveled our stuff from the bus trying to get our own bags, pulling other people's bags out while we were at it. I spotted my bags and pillows grabbed them and slowly began to walk down the gravelly path. The first thing I saw was 3 fluffy alpacas staring at us with piercing eyes (alpacas are my favourite animals). I walked a bit more till my friends caught up to me, “look at the burma trail I say, it looks soooo cool!” my friends and I all oh and ah, until we spot the climbing wall, “hey guys,” I say “look at the climbing wall!” we all bounce around really excited of what is going to happen next. Then all of us stop to a halt and turn to one of the camp leaders up the front “alrighty guys” she says “boy cabins down there, and girl cabins up here, so girls follow me, boys follow mulcum”. All the girls hyper up “ I wonder what the cabins with look like?”, “will they look cool?”,  “I bags the top bunk!”. As we walk up some more the cabins come up to view, “ok girls just walk up these steps and you will find to cabins you can choose what way you would like, just make sure you have fun!” We all dashed up to the cabins I choose the right cabin, but most girls choose left,  “I dibs top bunk I yell” dumping my stuff on the bed “me too” yells Brooklyn dumping her stuff on the bed next to me.and Caitlin and Britney run to the bottom.

Seconds later the bell rings and it's time for our first activity, morning tea… we all line up in one long line down the hallway and walk through grabbing two cookies a piece of fruit and walking out. Mmmm I say licking my lips finishing my first cookie… Ding dong ding dong ding, the bell goes again, but this time even louder,  “ACTIVITY TIME” someone yells and we all get ready as groups 1, 2, 3 and 4 go of to survival camp. One of the leaders stand up “group 5 you are with me for horse games!” we all jump on our feet and start singing our chant

“we are we are nuggets, chicken nuggets mmm”
“we are we are nuggets, chicken nuggets yeah”
“Nugget is our name don’t forget it!”
“You mess with us and you will regret it, because”
“we are we are nuggets, chicken nuggets DAB!”

We soon reach the horse games and there are 4 horses to great us,  Solo, Fox, Maz, and Joe (The stubborn one). “Hi I’m T says one of the leaders “and I’m V” says the other, “and together we are TV” our group smiles and says thank you as we enter into the horses cage the girls ( and 1 boy) got partnered up with solo to groom and maz to ride, and the boys got partnered up with joe to ride and fox to groom. We started with grooming, and let me just say the horses were sooo soft and styley.
After a while TV said “ok time for riding!” most of us were excited, but some were scared. First we went for a test ride, and slowly went into the games. The first game was the egg and spoon race, with the big ball.
(we tied) and the second game was egg and spoon race with a small ball. (they won), so overall they won, and since I didn’t get my second turn I got to ride maz back by myself. When we got back to the stables we got our stuff said thankyou and went off to our next activity (Kayaking)

“Hello hello hello” said Abby (also another leader at camp), “and welcome to kayaking, where we will be doing games activities and races but first you will need a paddle and a life jacket so come to me get them and climb over the fence down the muddy field to the kayak, where Ryice and I will help you get in”. So we all got the gear and headed down the muddy path, and when I say muddy I mean muddy. Soon we had reached our destination when we got in and started the games. Our first game was simon says, (I wasn't very good at this one), next we did races and we tied first with the other team. And last of all we did this thing where we hold each others kayaks and clamber across them. I was really proud of myself because I stood up and made it to one end to the other. After this we sadly had to get out, and stop kayaking. But we got told that if we do it quick we get a swim and we did. I really wanted to, even though it was super cold.

Soon we had lunch mac and cheese “mmmmMmmmm, yummy in my tummy” I say gobbling it up. We go inside and wash of our plates ready for the next activity, (archery). Ding dong ding dong. “Theres our que” I say, sitting down in the chicken nugget line. We waited for a bit, and soon a guy called malcolm came up and took us for archery, we all followed him like it was follow the leader until we got there. The nugget group all sat in the bus like stop and waited for malcolm to finish his instructions. We started up with normal archery, and I got 1 or 2 bulls eyes, until we moved on to the next challenge hitting and popping the balloons. A couple people in my group got the heart, but shriya took the win, which leaves me coming in 3rd place.

Time flew by in archery letting the bell do its thing “FREE TIME PEOPLE FREE TIME!” we heard someone scream. we all walked back chanting the nugget chant. Pretty soon free time was over as we enjoyed a muddy waterslide… SUPER FUN!

It is now dark time for the burma trail and spotlight! Groups 5, 6, and 7 started on spotlight first. It was sooo fun some people won a couple rounds (including me) but some I failed to win on. But besides that it was REALLY FUN! After this we did the burma trail, to me it wasn’t really scary even though I lost the rope a couple times and wondered off. But some people in my group squealed and screamed. It was a funny sight to see.

Day 2
Day 2 was probably my favorite day because we were on SURVIVAL CAMP and the first activity there was THE MUD RUN. we got soooo muddy, I had gone from the shade white to brown. Apart from getting really muddy it was super fun, especially belly flopping under a tunnel thing. After the muddy mud mud run we showered of… in the lake! Soon we got started on lunch HOT DOGS! But first we had to make a fire and burn through a rope, my group came 2nd group 6 came 3rd and group 7 came 1st! It was really fun! Now we could cook our hot dogs, it took about five minutes until we got to eat it… let me just say it was delish. After lunch we played a few games , like hide and seek camouflage version, capture the flag, and save your teammate. Later that evening we started on dinner, meatballs, with rice, potatoes, and veggies. Not as good as the hotdogs but still very very nice. after we had finished dinner, one of the leaders told us to get ready for marshmallows. “Marshmallows!” I yell “Yum!”. All of us grab a stick and dine in “3 marshmallows at a time” the leader says. Later that night we all headed over for the line dance and talent quest. When we got there we all sat down and waited until it was time to perform. My group was last in the line dance and talent quest. But I’m ok with that because my group came 2nd for the talent quest. YAY!!

Soon the talent quest was over and we all gathered into the hall to sing happy birthday to 3 girls. “Happy birthday to you” we sang, the girls blew out the candles and we all headed off to bed except for groups 5 6 and 7 because we had to go sleep in a tent out in the woods, “ooh well I say at least we get to sleep, goodnight guys”. What a great day this was!

Day 3

Today was the last full day we would all have at lakewood lodge. And the first activity that we were on was rock climbing.we marched along beside our instructor screaming our chant every time we took a step. Finally we reached the wall, it looked really tall but I was up for the chalenge. my whole group was really courages and never gave in, we all did really well. I am also really proud of myself too, for making it up to the top on the hard level. Soon the bell rang and we moved onto our next activity after lunch, (which was lasagna).

Our next activity was low ropes, which is basicly just team building, we started off with the balance beam where you had to get in order with the fastest time without falling. We did ok on this one working together nicely and it was also really fun.  Next we moved onto the balance thing where you had to balance for 20 seconds without falling off or touching the tyres. Our group broke the record for our school, 5 tries, we all high fived each other and got ready for the next challenges, the rock paper scissors game and the poisson game. The poison game is where you have to find a log in the wood like surroundings and put them across the to the other side and if the stick touched the ground it was poisoned and you will not be aloud to touch it again. Our group was ok with it even though we had a couple stumbles and touching the poison. The rock paper scissors one was good to, we got split into two teams and you had to go along a rope without falling, and when you reach a person you play rock paper scissors and whoever wins gets to continue. I got 1 point for my team and Lelani got 2, so our team won.

Soon this was over and we went onto the flying fox. It was really fun going down the zip line showing of your skills and getting to be on video at the same time. I went with Britney down and it was really fun, even getting hit hard at the end bit, and running back.

Later that evening we had dinner and started on the Y games. 1 word for this FUN! We had a whole lot of amazing times in the Y games getting together figuring out answers for the team, and doing cool challenges like the marshmallow one, where you had to eat a whole marshmallow lolly the fastest without using your hands. Soon the Y games were over and we had to go to bed. What a fun day this was.

Day 4
Sadly this was the last day at camp, even though it was we still had one more thing to look fawd to, the top class event. It is where you have to do each activity racing another class and once you have finished your activity you sprint and go tag the person who is going up next. My class had to do 2 each and I got the muddiest, because I had to do the waterslide and the mud run thing. It was super fun! Even though we did not win I still really enjoyed. overall I think this was the best camp ever!!!

Year 7's at Camp. Me?

So I got split into Mrs Notely's class AKA Rm 18 for 4 dayz. 

I did lots of Spellodrome and Mathletics I mean tonnes. 20,000 points on each site!! But I realised during all that points time I had a booklet so I worked on that.

But during all this, I had lots of things to think about. Like on Wednesday, I was wondering how many grains of Rice I was gonna eat. My main concern was why I'm not a Year 7 and not going to Camp. But I thought of the Future. Would I have 1 million dollars or be dead.