Wednesday, 17 February 2016

All about Ella

                                                       All About Me!!!!!

Well firstly my name is Alysha. There are 5 people in my family including me. My Mum’s name is Valdina she works as a bible college registrar and my Dad’s name is James and he works as a Teacher in a youth residential facility. I have a brother named Jaylen and he loves to cook, play basketball, play the drums and play video games he is 13 yrs old. I also have a sister named Hannah she loves art and swimming and she loves eating lollies.
I enjoy singing, Baking, Art, playing netball and spending time with friends and family. I’m a christian I love going to Church every sunday. My favourite colour is blue, I love the colour blue. My favourite food is probably spaghetti bolognaise especially the one my brother makes. When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian because I love animals even though I don’t have any pets I’ve been trying to beg my parents but they don’t agree. My Hero’s are definitely my Mum and Dad because they always inspire me to believe in myself and be myself.

                                       ALL ABOUT ME 
                                            by Lucas

my hobbies : playing terraria, clash  royale , clash of clans, boom beach ,going to a mountain bike park, caving ,and reading.

I like to go caving with my Dad. Last year a group of us went to a big cave called Broken Hill. I had to climb up and down shards of rock and mud banks. We also saw some stalactites, which come from the ceiling  , and stalagmites which come up from the floor.    



During the holidays I started to learn how to code an ardunio. An ardunio  is a basic computer for beginners learning to code  I am really enjoying coding an ardunio.

Mountain biking.

I go to a mountain bike park called Four Forty.Four Forty is a gravity park. At a gravity park, all the trails go down hill, and you take a bus back to the top to ride down again.
I have helped to build some of the trails there and was even lucky enough to be in their promotional video.

I live with my Mum and Dad, 2 cats and a greyhound called Roo.

by Lucas.

My little world...

Summer Poem

Summer is:
Swimming at the beach
Watching waves crash
Running across the shore
Tanning in the sun

Summer is:
Taking walks to the park
Eating BBQ
Smelling the sweet scent of flowers
Swatting flies away

Summer is:
Drinking smoothies
Eating Ice Cream
Bush walking
Fishing on the wharf

Summer is Poem by Ronan :)

Summer is:
Walking on the beach,
watching the crashing waves,
splashing in the water,
boggy boarding the waves and swells,

Summer is:
Having BBQ's with mates,
entertainment and parties,
drinking lots of fizzy,
saving room for dessert,

Summer is:
Camping in the woods,
Hiking up mountains,
Hanging out with friends and family,
Jumping up and down like crazy


Summer is:

Strolling along the sandy beach,
crashing against the waves,
slapping on 50+ sunscreen , while putting on a hat,
swimming against the current,
and splashing in the sea.

Summer is:
Cooking on the barbie,
eating a fat piece of steak,
swatting all the flies,
“Man this lamb's great!”

Summer is:
Going through the bush,
listening to native birds,
hearing the bugs,
croak croak tweet!


                           SUMMER IS:

                                   Chilling on the cold water.
                                     Relaxing on the beach.
                                  Climbing rocks with family.
                                     Hanging out with friends.
                                  Surfing on the high waves.

                                 SUMMER IS:
                        Doing lots of sport to git fit.
                                 Going to the zoo to play.
                               Watching butterflies fly.
                                Camping with my family.
                            Splashing on the cool water.

                            SUMMER IS:

                         Cleaning my room till its tidy.
                       Walking with my dog.
                            Swimming in the pools.
                          Exploring the world.
                     Drinking smoothes yum.

Masons all about me

NAME:Mason ross Lagor.
FAV FOOD:chocolate and carrots.
FAV COLOR: blue.
FAV ACTIVITIES:gymnastics, video games and and playing with my best friends Robbie, Ethan, Jamie.
HOBBIES:gymnastics, video games, slugterra, pokemon, lego, yugioh and skateboarding.
FAMILY:I have two brothers jordan and blake and mum and dad.
PETS:I use to have two fish named nemo and jack.
WHEN I’M OLDER:I want to be a game designer.
HERO: Batman/mum and dad.

                                     Summer is

                        Summer is:
                      Surfing and crashing among the 
                              waves eating ice-cream
          all the days, smacking sunscreen on our face.
                                   Summer is: 
                       The time of the year to have BBQ's and 
                        spending time with family and friends. 
                  Going Camping  and getting bitten by Mosquitoes.
                        Summer is:
                       Hot and sunny watching the waves crash
                      and splash while the sticky ice-cream melts 
                 down our face. Eating fish 'n' chips while watching 
                                          the sun go down.
                                             By Alysha

all about me by Jude

Summer is poem by Jude

Summer Is

Surfing In the waves.
Sun tanning.
Sliding in sand.

Having barbecues.
Playing backyard cricket.
Swatting flies.
Going in the pool.
Playing tag.
Outdoor fires.

Eating icecream.
Going on holidays.
Going on trips.
By Jude

All About Me!! By Richard

all about me

My name is Robbie, I am 11 years old with light brown hair and my eyes are blue.
I'm cool, funny and I like slugterra and terraria. My favourite foods are Dumplings, meatballs, cookies and ice cream and what my mum cooks. My favourite colour is Red like my favourite soccer team Liverpool. I like to play rugby, swim at the beach and play with my friends. My hobbies are building Lego and playing Xbox.
I love my cat Flash, I named him because he is fast and I have three fish, the are named Phineas, Spots and Leo. I live at home with my mum and dad. Dad is a panel beater who likes to play golf and he was born in Liverpool, so I am half Kiwi and half English. Mum is a project manager, she bosses people around at work and she cooks for me and I love her.
My hero’s are Ben Smith (fullback for the All Blacks) and my Aunty Shyane as she is fun to hang out with and we watch lots of movies together.

When I grow up I what to be a scientist \ inventor, play rugby for the all blacks, movie make-up artist, video game designer.

Brayden's all about me

Hello my name is brayden and this is my cat (Sooty) and this is her perspective of me

My name is Sooty and I am a cat. My owner is Brayden Shepherd. He is 10 years old. On May 18 Th, Brayden will be 11 years old. In cat years that is 77 years old. My owner Brayden lives with his mother, his father and a little rascal ,Lucas that screams at me.My owner's favourite colour is orange.My owner player games all the time.Once he made a pixel art of me.When ever my owner is sick I sleep beside him. My owner lets me play video games as well.Overall I think my owner is brilliant because he gives me lots of attention and that makes me happy.He also plays video games a lot and he always makes time for me.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Summer is: By:Varshana


Summer is:   

Watering your roses
Having a BBQ
Enjoying with family and friends
Going for a bike ride
And making the most of it.

Summer is:

Having a splash at the beach
Going to the pool
Relaxing on the beach
And licking ice-cream.

Summer is:

Hanging with family and friends
Watching you parents drink
Having a party 
Going to the pool at midnight
And enjoying the summer before school starts.