Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Brayden's all about me

Hello my name is brayden and this is my cat (Sooty) and this is her perspective of me

My name is Sooty and I am a cat. My owner is Brayden Shepherd. He is 10 years old. On May 18 Th, Brayden will be 11 years old. In cat years that is 77 years old. My owner Brayden lives with his mother, his father and a little rascal ,Lucas that screams at me.My owner's favourite colour is orange.My owner player games all the time.Once he made a pixel art of me.When ever my owner is sick I sleep beside him. My owner lets me play video games as well.Overall I think my owner is brilliant because he gives me lots of attention and that makes me happy.He also plays video games a lot and he always makes time for me.

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