Wednesday, 17 February 2016

                                       ALL ABOUT ME 
                                            by Lucas

my hobbies : playing terraria, clash  royale , clash of clans, boom beach ,going to a mountain bike park, caving ,and reading.

I like to go caving with my Dad. Last year a group of us went to a big cave called Broken Hill. I had to climb up and down shards of rock and mud banks. We also saw some stalactites, which come from the ceiling  , and stalagmites which come up from the floor.    



During the holidays I started to learn how to code an ardunio. An ardunio  is a basic computer for beginners learning to code  I am really enjoying coding an ardunio.

Mountain biking.

I go to a mountain bike park called Four Forty.Four Forty is a gravity park. At a gravity park, all the trails go down hill, and you take a bus back to the top to ride down again.
I have helped to build some of the trails there and was even lucky enough to be in their promotional video.

I live with my Mum and Dad, 2 cats and a greyhound called Roo.

by Lucas.

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