Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Athletics day By Ella

Athletics report

Beep the bus had stopped, and everyone came spilling out of the buses, in big large clumps, yapping along the way to the, meeting grounds, where the first event would start, the 1500m race.
All the year 6, 7, and 8 students started walking in groups to the 1500m track, the 7s went up 1st. And got in their positions.

On your marks, get set, says dean, the caregiver, as he loads his gun, BANG! The runners start of at a reasonable pace, making each stride of the 4 laps count. The are onto their 2nd lap now, faces looking red. Two girls in the race, overlapped 3 other girls from the school. The rest of the school watching goes wild and cheers their names while others cheer for the girls in first place almost making their 3rd lap.

The three girls in the front, all sprinted even harder, trying to get to the 3rd lap first, soon reaching it seconds later, everyone clapped and cheered, almost falling off the edge of their seats, and all of a sudden the girls started sprinting, pushing themselves to the finish, WOOHOO cheers the crowd. 1st 2nd and 3rd placings are taken, there is only 1 spot left, fourth.

I see two girls battling it out, Ella and Chloe, sprinting to the end, as hard as they can, and Bang 4th and 5th placings are gone to Ella and Chloe, Chloe coming in 5th and Ella coming in 4th.

As the girls come off the field they all smile with great grins, they were all really happy, that they had accomplished the 1500m race.

Soon they came onto the long jump pit, they all lined up in a big long wonky line in a special order.
Then the coach said up first, kendyl, she ran up and jumped a 3.42, very impressive, soon, it was rivers turn, coming in 2nd, she made a very impressive jump aswell, 3.78, WEllDONE! Next it was Ashley’s turn, she ran up at top speed, just missing the record mark, but coming in the 1st place, Well Done guys.

Later that day, the year 7 girls went off to the high jump course. The ladies lowered the high jump pit and called up the first person to jump, kendyl. She made a astounding jump and made it over the bar safely hiring the expectations for everyone.

After everyone had had a go making it over or not, we were up to the final four. Kendyl, RIver, Ashley, and Steph. Kendyl started and made a great jump, making it over the bar, followed by an amazing act by Ashley, making it over. Now it was down to the two girls, river and steph, River went first, knocking down the bar. Steph was up next, she jumped over but knocked it down, so both girls tied 3rd place.
Down to the only two girls that made it, kendyl went up first, hitting the bar down and making a 2nd place. Ashley, coming in 1st made the jump and beat the record by, 7cm, WOW.

Straight after the high jump the girls went to shot put, where Ashley again came, 1st and beat another record, for the year 7 girls.

Soon it was the end of the day and it was time for the relay, starting in lane one was Jessica running for kowhai, in lane 2 it was Leche rimu, in lane three was Ella running for Kuari, and in lane four was river, running for Totara. On your marks said dean, get set bang, All the girls sprint down the 100m track, and quickly handed the batter to the next teammate along. All the students in the school clapped and cheered for their houses, GO KUARI, GO RIMU!
GO KOWHAI, TOTARA! The last people sprinted to the end pushing Kuari in 3rd Rimu in 1st Totara in 2nd, and kawhai in 4th! Congratulations to them!
By Ella

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Cinquain Poem By BRAYD3N


It can hurt you
Tiny cactus
Image result for thorny devil lizardImage result for thorny devil lizard

Brownie By Caitlin

Caramel by Ella


It has a long tongue
Can camouflage

Image result for frog                         Image result for frog

poem by Britney

                        Extreme cool
                Slicing , splashing , dunking
                       Summertime fun
                           Surf board
Image result for boogie board                      Image result for boogie board        


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Cinquain BRUDDA

Poetry sequins

Subjects : puppies : name of dog : a pomeranians
Adjectives : cute , cuddly , and friendly
Action verbs : cute , fluffy ,  and awesome
Statement : it’s cute , fluffy , smaller , awesome , cool , and also cuddly  and also very rough and also does anything they want ad thinks it’s their house .
Synonym : it look’s like a small kitten and also look’s like a small guinea pig . . .

  . . . by Eseta . . .  

File:My pomeranian dog.jpgFile:Pipin Pomeranian.jpg

Varshana's Cinquain Poems


     Orange and Beautiful 


Pretty and Luscious

Lifelong Friend 


Yummy and Sweet


Freshly Baked

Delicious Treat


Cinquain Poetry

Fast hairy
Catching,Jumping and sleeping
Man's Best friend 

Cinquain Poetry I By Richard

Cinquain poems I Ronan


Chasing, Barking, Cuddling
They're the best!
Man's best friend


Frustrating, fun
Swinging, hitting, raging
Confusing and weird game
Whacking balls

Masons Chocolate poem


                                       Delicious, hard
                                 Creamy, melts, pliable
                                     Best dairy product
Image result for chocolate      

cιnqυaιn poeм вy caleв

Halloween Poem by Ronan

Halloween Poem

It’s halloween
We are having a meeting
With all the kids in town
So we can go trick or treating

We beg for candy
Some say yes
Some say no
Some are just a mess

We have a lot of candy
We eat it all up
Some have a glass full
Whilst others have a cup
Image result for lots of candy

It is time for bed
But then I hear a witch
Was it real?
Or was it just a glitch?
Image result for witch
Yesterday was so much fun
So we had a lobster
But then so suddenly
We see a monster
Image result for monster transparent
Is it a pumpkin
Is it a goblin
Whatever it is
We are putting it in the bin
Image result for bin transparent
It was a wild day
Or was it two?
Whatever, what’s gonna happen is
I’m gonna scare… YOU!!!
Image result for horrified cartoon person transparent


Haiku I By Tane

Holiday is nice
Kids playing with best friends
Adults drinking beer

In Autumn leaves fall
Autumn is an nice to play
Autumn has fun times

Spring is warming up
Time to finally start planting crops
Now to harvest crops

Cinquain Roo


           Fast, famous
     Quick, sleepy, cuddly
             Best dog
         Couch potato

  by Lucas

  Images provided by reading with Roo

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween Poem I By Richard

Halloween Poem   
Image result for ghost pngImage result for pumpkin png
Tonight is Halloween
It’s very dark at night
I don’t know how kids can see
Everything is black and white

My mum was up all night
Opening the door
Kids wanting candy
Begging “I want more!”
Image result for lollies png
There is a competition
For the pile with the most height
Everyone was fierce
Some had a fight

Everyone had candy
I shouted “That’s mine!”
To a very creepy dude
Who was dressed as Frankenstein
Image result for baseball bat png
It was now time to go
Head home and gp to bed
But I went into my brother’s room
And wacked her on the head
Happy Halloween!!
Shadows in the darkness!!!
By Caitlin Purves, Brittney Chapman, and Ella Barr. Year 7 students 2016
The lights turn off,
In the haunted house tonight,
With squeals and screams,
That gives me quite a fright.

I see a vision of a bat,
Could it be dracula or a rat?
Suddenly I feel teeth Sinking into my skin,
Sucking out my blood from within.

My teeth burst like i’m cursed,
Out pops a fang,
I fly around and start to hang,
I shiver in fear as I should’ve been aware,
In the haunted house tonight.  

I soon see a figure creeping up to the house,
I swoop down and catch him like a mouse,
For I am thirsty for blood.

In the darkness of the night,
I take a thirsty bite,
as the helpless boy shrieked in fright,
Cause I am a vampire lurking in the night.

Now that all the rotten smelly children are in bed,
I come in and bite their ugly heads.

CAMP Lake wood lodge 2016

                                                             CAMPOn Tuesday the 18th of October, the year 7 and 8s went to lakewood lodge for 2016 camp. Everyone was really excited for a great journey ahead for a week.When I arrived to school at the hall everyone handed all their medicine, biscuits and carried our bags to wear the bus would pick our bags up etc: Then we had our final meeting before we packed our bags on the bus.      When we arrived we were welcomed like we were going home or something. We got out of the bus,and picked up our bags were the bus stopped, and went up to the girls cabin AKA the main error.


After we packed all our bags away and picked where we wanted to sleep, we went downstairs to grab some biscuits we all brang in. For morning tea.After we had some biscuits.It was time to get ready to go to survival camp so we grabbed our daypack bag some clothes, togs, a hat, sun screen and all the other stuff we needed for a whole day and night.After we grabbed all of stuff we needed to survive with we started heading down to survival camp to play minigames and put up our tent we needed to sleep in. After we played some minigames and put up our tent we had to chuck on some togs for the mud run.The mud run was stinky and fun it was really hard to get through because it was quite deep for me it seemed like it took a long time for me to finish! Because heaps of people went past me really quick and i was going really slow!After everyone did the mud run we all had to go to this water pond to get all the icky mud off us from the mud run. When everyone was done with the water pond it was time to cook dinner. The dinner was really yum than we had some marshmallows I only got 6 but it was really delicious. Then it was time to go to sleep.


In the morning we woke up at 7.25 and had to get ready for the morning run we ran 2 laps around some lake wood lodge areas and then we had some breakfast.Then it was time for our first activity which was horse games horse games were really fun I got to groom Maz (the horse) and ride Maz and play mini games with Maz and 5 other people got to do Maz too. And the tall people got to groom Joe ( the horse ) ride on Joe and play mini games with Joe, Horse games were really fun.
After we played Horse Games it was time to have morning tea at 10:30 - 11:00 and then go to wall climbing when we went to wall climbing it was really fun because we got to climb to the top of the wall and ring the bell. We all went to the top of the wall climbing and rang the bell. For the last little bit of time we had to left we went on the small wall and had a competition who would win and I won!
After that it was time for lunch till 12:30 - 13:30 when we had lunch we went to our next activity which was Archery , Archery was really fun because we got to shoot arrows on the board but i accidentally shooted some arrows over the board and lost some scores for me.  Afterwards we had free choice to do the water slide till 15:30 to 16:00 the water slide was really fun i went down the water slide on my belly mostly on my belly.


Than it was time to do the talent show the talent show was really funny and weird at the talent show my group the ( tough cookies ) came 2 place we were so close!!!On the last day of camp I did low ropes, low ropes were really challenging. Than on the last day for my 2 activity on the last day I did the flying fox the flying the flying fox was fun just drifting in the air. And the last activity was kayaking for kayaking we went really far.  At night we had y games that was very long but realllllly fun.And than the next day we left to go back to school.

We’re the diamante tigers we here to fight beware of us we’ll face i’ll might we’re here to stay if you like it or not let's go DT BOOM!!! ( we shouted sang all the time ) BY CAITLIN