Monday, 30 May 2016


It was Monday night when I was watching MKR (My kitchen rules) when suddenly there was a… BOOM,CRASH BANG.I then made myself a hot chocolate when the ad was on then wrapped myself in a blanket then kept watching.It kept pouring with rain and it was going on,off,on,off,on,off on for about another half hour.When I went to bed it didn’t rain but,I then woke up at around 4 or 5 am and it was… POURING AGAIN, it was pouring until 7:00 am.When I went outside to do choirs there puddles every and when I went to go pat my dog,she was soaking wet (Shes and outside dog).By Rittivong=)

The thunder storm

It was a fine day then dusk came,a small wind then it started to whistle. I was coming home from a game when the wind was shaking me around. My clothes were shaking around I could hear it , I could see the water going into my eyes.I could feel the hail going onto my rain coat. Then I went to bed and the curtains were blowing hard then it stopped. Then threw the hallway the window was screeching. I could feel the wind but I could not see it. I fell asleep. Boom! Thunder went due to the enormous storm. I tried to go asleep but it was too loud. A few minutes later my brother was screaming and he did not help.  Then my dad went and checked on him then he said “scary man”. Then I yelled “I’m trying to sleep.But it was no use then I opened the curtain and I saw lighting then I just sat there and fell asleep.

The Storm Hero By Richard

The Storm Hero
It was a calm day and the sun was out. Daniel had his soccer game. It was going well, Daniel’s team was 2-1 up with 10 minutes left. All of a sudden…
There was showers, then it got a little heavier, THEN IT WAS RAINING. Gale force winds had hit aswell. The fans and parents fled the pitch and hid under a tree. BOOM! CRASH! BANG! Everyone heard thunder roaring, everyone scared. They could see lightning. Then it started to hail. So everyone ran to  the clubhouse. It would be safe there. Daniel  could see everyone soaked. Daniel saw floods on the pitch. Then…
Wind came trolling. THE ROOF BLEW OFF!! It was a cyclone!!
Then Daniel thought of something. “Please rain go, PLEASE!!!” he said. Then this happened...
The wind stopped. The rain eased, there was no thunder OR lightning. Then the rain stopped and the sun came out!!
All the puddles and floods were gone!!
Everyone was now safe!!
All thanks to Daniel

The Storm


It was a horrible misty night birds weren’t tweeting, the sun wasn’t up and the clouds weren’t white fluffy bunnies anymore, they were dark grey dragons. Peering around I could hear the sounds of drums coming closer closer and closer! Getting nearer. My ears were hurting, and BOOM! Thunder crashed BOOM! And again. The sea’s rocked wildly crashing down into the black abyss of the ocean again. Flounder, sharks, fish, and birds washed up onto shore startled and injured. Crack! Lightning sprints across the sky creating a path to the dark dragon's castle. Howls of wolves echo across the large world, pets jumping into their cages, children hiding under their bed covers terribly frightened. The floor shudders. Trees fall over blocking the path for drivers. Drop plop drop plop rain cries down from the sky making big wet puddles and a dark blue sky. The howling wind whispers in my ear, causing my body to shudder. This is a thunder storm.

By Ella

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Bully free week and Random acts of kidnes by Dannielle and Alysha

Friday 20th may 

Friday is Random act of kindness day it is where you are kind  to someone 

things that you can do to someone?

-Help some one carry there things
- complement some one
- say thank you
-smile at some one
-sit with someone who is lonely
-pay for someone who doesn't have enough money.
-hold open the door for someone 

there are many more things kind that you can do and we challenge you  to do some of these everyday .

Can you complete the 


Sunday, 15 May 2016

The surprise guest! By dannielle


It was 10:15 in the morning and room 6 was doing a basic facts maths test . We were about 6 minutes through when Mrs Bailey jumped of her chair and told us there was a mouse
we all laughed at her and then  Ashley and Evie came to the rescue and tried catching the mouse it when every where and then it went into the middle room. ( Mrs Bailey almost had a heart attack)
Eseta,Caleb, Ashley, Jasmine,Evie,  Alex and I were in the middle room trying to catch it but Mrs Bailey called us out to golf  and Ashley, Evie and Alex stayed to try and crash it.

While we were at golf this is what was going on with Ashley, Evie and Alex...

The middle room was changing furniture was going all over the place while the girls were chasing the mouse. Alex was  walking around when she stood on the mouse the mouse was climbing up the girls  and then finally right before  morning tea  the girls caught the mouse but unfortunately it is  now dead 

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Jerry died at a young age, everyone is very sad and wishing Jerry was still alive, except Mrs bailey.

It all started when Mrs Bailey got scared at a small mouse while everyone was quiet,just working on their maths students thought that Mrs Bailey was crazy and just being weird, but no, she was being for real. Students in Room 6 started freaking out, Branden pulled out his chromebook at started recording the whole thing while everyone was freaking out. All of a sudden...the timer went off.

Students chased that mouse into the middle room, and locked it in their. Students were rushing to the door to see who was inside!! Ashley, Evie, Alex, Brayden, Dannielle, Caleb and jasmine, they were all stuck in the middle room with jerry.

We all went to golf after the class settled down. Ashley, Evie and Alex were still in the middle room trying to catch the mouse, But then it happened, Evie grabbed the cone and decapitated the poor, young mouse. Everyone was shocked, Evie had to bury it…


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

big/tiny mouse

as we were doing maths Mrs bailey jumped out of her chair and runs behind our table and says that there is a mouse behind her desk. Ashley and Evie said that they would capture the mouse so they were trying to find it but the mouse took of into the middle room.The timer went of soon and the mouse entered the middle room. When a hour had ticked by Ashley and Evie buried the mouse Jerry how sad


One day Room 6 was doing a test then a mouse scared Mrs.Bailey. It ran everywhere.

The mouse ran away and it kept running, and running, and running, and running, and running, and running, and running.

It ran into the MIDDLE ROOM!

The mouse was running everywhere in the middle room!


Aparently the mouse got caught by Evie and Ashley and ALEX.

It was like the biggest mouse in the universe



Also, I think it died.

The runner of a Mouse

It was a normal day then this little mouse popped his head and the teacher freaked out and was scared and she had to get two younger students to get the speedy mouse then the whole class surrounded it then the teacher standard back. Then the mouse ran into the middle room . The 5 students tackled it but the other two students then the class went out at 10:15 to play golf. The three mouse catchers went to be busy then alex ( one of the mouse catchers ) injured the poor mouse then the mouse suffered a painful death of suffocation

JERRY was a good rat even though I only knew him
for about five minutes and only saw him once or 
twice , JERRY'S MAMA and DADA will probably 
come to find him and end up like him 
our last and first moments with Jerry were memorable 
MRS.Bailey running up and down the room
Evie and Ashley TRYING to catch him
and even though I never picked him up
or touched him he will always be in our hearts 
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                    The little creature in room 6

          Image result for mouse
Today in Room 6 we were just peacefully doing a maths test and then suddenly Mrs Bailey screams and says ‘‘ahhhhhh there’s a mouse on my desk’’ then everyone got frightened.                                                              

Mrs Bailey was as pale as a ghost and her heart was beating 98 per minute. Evie, Ashley and Alex were trying to catch the mouse but instead they killed it, it took about 45 mins for them to catch it and then bury it.

As they were trying to catch the mouse Mrs Bailey was Holding the timer and then suddenly it went off and she screamed her head off. The mouse was running everywhere under the whiteboard, under Mrs bailey’s desk, in the middle room and even under the computer table.

After a while we decided to call it Jerry from Tom and Jerry the T.V show. When we finished the Golf lesson with Stuart Evie was holding the poor little mouse in her hand and it was actually dead. That was sadly the end of the mouse.
                                 By Alysha

poor little mouse

The mouse

It was just today
When a mouse came out to play
It ran around
Without a single sound
Kids were screaming
And i was beaming
And with delight
it ran out of sight.
Ashley and Evie
Were catching it easy
Soon they had caught it
And mrs bailey stopped throwing a fit
I was sighing
But not crying
For the mouse was gone
Forever long.

Rest in peace mouse.

By Ella

The mouse In room 6 that kept running away.

                THE Mouse that kept running away                                    in room 6

                                   Image result for a cute baby mouse

      This morning just before room 6 went out to golf lessons a baby mouse showed up in front of Mrs Bailey desk poking his head out like saying hi Mrs Bailey, but Mrs Bailey got a huge as fright and ran away from her desk when she ran away she was also holding a timer in her hand because room 6 was doing a sheet maths test and when Ashley Pollock and Evie scott saw the cute little mouse they tried to catch it so it wouldn't stay in our class. 

 But as they tried to catch the mouse, Mrs Bailey was holding the timer and when the timer went off Mrs Bailey got the most biggest fright ever,she jumped up and Mrs Baileys heart was beating fast she told us because her heart rate was only meant to be 63 but it was 98.

So after 5 or more minutes later the mouse ran into the middle room and Ashley and Evie plus Alex went after it to try to catch the mouse, so they shut the middle room doors on both sides and tried catching it,but when the whole class was out doing golf they were still catching it.

After we finished practicing golf with stewart,Ashley and Evie also Alex they finally caught the mouse in the middle room,so when Mrs Bailey told the 3 Students to go and bury the mouse in bark and that was the end of the mouse story .

BY Jodie 

R.I.P Jerry (AO) By Richard

In the middle of a maths test, silence. Then,
A SCREAM!! Mrs Bailey saw a mouse on her table. She was as white as a ghost. The mouse is called Jerry.  The class went wild. TIME UP!! The timer for our maths test buzzed. People started taking selfies on their chrome books. It was time for golf. Mrs Bailey recovered from her heart attack. We were all having fun. Meanwhile, Ashley, Evie and Alex chased the mouse. Alex STOOD on Jerry. But he started running again!! Then, Evie tried to put a cone over Jerry. But Evie put the cone on Jerry's neck!! Right at the end of the golf lesson Alex, Evie and Ashley came out of the class. Evie was holding a cloth with Jerry in it

The Baby Mice ( Viewer Descretion Advised ! )

It was an ordinary day, just doing a little math test when suddenly, Mrs bailey yells ' Ah!, there's a mouse, there's a mice!

It was massive, about 6 inches long. LOL. Everyone was trying to see it. Then three people led it into the middle room. When...

The timer went off! Mrs bailey almost had a heart attack! But it was now time to go to golf. What a morning.
                       ABOUT 45 MINUTES 
What a fun time at golf. Mrs Bailey still recovering from a ' Heart Attack '. When we find out that the baby mouse is DEAD!

Since people killed a mouse and it was a mouse, we named the mouse Jerry and the people Tom from Tom and Jerry. Very sad.

We buried the mouse in order of our respect to it and we were very upset.

The Mouse That Mrs Bailey Was Scared of By Varshana


Image result for huge mouseThis morning there was a little mouse in our classroom it was one of the tiniest mice I've ever seen but Mrs Bailey said it was a huge mouse.

Kind of like this one:

But really it wasn't that huge it was very tiny and Ashley,Evie,and Alex were chasing after it Mrs Bailey was totally freaked out she was working on her desk when she sudddenly saw a mysterous litte furry thing poking it's head out of the corner,Mrs Bailey got a fight and jumped away from there with a timer in her hand and two minutes later the timer went off and Mrs Bailey nearly had a heart attack. Everyone started having a giggle but it was all good at the end.

At the end Evie,Ashley,and Alex murdered the mouse and buried it somewhere now hopefully the mouses's soul will RIP and hopefully we won't have another mouse in our class ever again.


My Mum

My Mum

My mum is amazing she does heaps of things and she never gives up like she keeps us company when she's cooking something for dinner or even working she's always there

I also love my mum because she gives me cuddles and spend time with me alot.

My mum smiles and makes me laugh even if things are boring she makes them fun and enjoyable! My mum would never give up on anything she always keep trying.

I love my mum

By Caitlin

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My mum By Dannielle

Screenshot 2016-05-09 at 12.48.06 PM.png

My mum is special she has taken good care of me for 11 years she carried me around in her stomach for about 9 months.

you has taught me how to groom and show dogs you was there for me when I was going through  the pain of teething you were there to catch me when I fell over trying to walk you were there for me on my very first day of school.   You have been there for me almost every second of my life  showing me how to do things that I couldn’t do if I didn’t have you I wouldn’t know what to do I love you.
For as long as I can remember you were always by my side  to give me confidence support  and help
For as long as I can remember  you were always the person I looked up to  so strong so sensitive and so pretty.
For as long as I can remember  you have always strengthened our family  full with laughter tears  and full of love.
I  thank you for forever loving me mum from Dannielle
Screenshot 2016-05-11 at 10.11.41 AM.png

Sunday, 8 May 2016

                          My Mum

My mum is honestly the best she is always there for me and always takes care of me.
My mum is always doing things for other people and helping them out.

My mum is so unique she is always trying new things and making things fun.
My mum is like a superhero she is literally a super mum she is always working hard for my family and she always tries to find time for me.

My mum is the best chef, if you came to my house for dinner your food on your plate will be gone in 5 minutes it’s honestly so delicious.
Shout out to my mum Because I love her so much!  
                      By Alysha!

My special mum


My mum is special because she is just special and she does many things for me like cleaning the house and making food for me sometimes in the morning( Not school lunch I do it myself),she also is loyal and magnificent because she has to look after my dog leo ( I’m am meant to look after leo because he is my puppy),and my sister charlotte when I am away somewhere with my Mum’s friend staying at his house.

I love my mum because she will help me on anything if I get stuck, or if I’m having trouble making it or doing it that’s why I love my mum very much.

Mum is the only one I love the most ( there is some people I love in my family ),because when I want to join an expensive thing that I would like to do she will let me join it and she have to pay lot’s of money for me to do it and that’s why mum is the best to me and she is always there for me even when I am sad or upset.

Mum you're the best
Love your daughter: Jodie

Image result for a photo cartoon of a child hugging their momA seal of a mum and daughter Hugging.


My special Mum

My mum is incredible because she does lots of things at a time, like she keeps us occupied while she is cooking dinner, and she calms us down when we are mad while she is doing exercises. I also love my mummy because her cuddles are so welcoming it's lovely. I love my mum.

She's super! If i could choose a hero for my mum it would be wonder woman, because she makes you WONDER what she will do next in her life of wonders, I also chose it because she's INCREDIBLE like wonder woman, I love my mum.

My mums smile :) is so joyful and full with fun and laughter, it’s AMAZING how fun she makes things even if they are totally boring! My mum would never give up on anything she would always keep trying hard!
I love my mum. Image result for heart
By Ella

Mothers Day!!!! ... For Me

Sunday the 8th of May 2016,IT'S MOTHERS DAY!!! 
But today for me, it isn't really getting to that BANG!... Great start of a day. So Mum is awake and we give her little presents/treats. And then she reads, and reads, and reads. It is now 10:00 am, she read for 2 hours.
Now what will happen...

So it is around 11:30, Mum has being doing house work for around 1 and 1/2 hours. A bit boring.And now for the best part of the day, we go shopping! For blankets.What!

At least we went for sushi after. But Mum doesn't buy any because of the typical excuse"I'm not hungry". But she stole 1 of my brother's bits and 2 of mine. Well didn't steal, We gave them to her.

And then for the next 1/2 an hour, we had a golf meeting. Bla Bla Bla Bla.

And now we get home at around 2:00. 

What does she do next, at around 2:30, she starts to do the gardening. And asks me and Richard to help buy picking up the leaves. I was the only one to help because the last 2 times, Richard did it buy himself so it was my turn to do it.

                                   About 1 hour 

The gardening was finally done. So I asked where we were going to go for dinner. She said we are going to have dinner at ... HOME!!! WHAT THE!! It's Mothers day!. We have to go out somewhere! But no, We didn't and then the rest of the day was boring.

                            ( Unbelievably)
                              Ps: A big HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU, BEST MUM!