Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Mouse That Mrs Bailey Was Scared of By Varshana


Image result for huge mouseThis morning there was a little mouse in our classroom it was one of the tiniest mice I've ever seen but Mrs Bailey said it was a huge mouse.

Kind of like this one:

But really it wasn't that huge it was very tiny and Ashley,Evie,and Alex were chasing after it Mrs Bailey was totally freaked out she was working on her desk when she sudddenly saw a mysterous litte furry thing poking it's head out of the corner,Mrs Bailey got a fight and jumped away from there with a timer in her hand and two minutes later the timer went off and Mrs Bailey nearly had a heart attack. Everyone started having a giggle but it was all good at the end.

At the end Evie,Ashley,and Alex murdered the mouse and buried it somewhere now hopefully the mouses's soul will RIP and hopefully we won't have another mouse in our class ever again.


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