Wednesday, 11 May 2016

                    The little creature in room 6

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Today in Room 6 we were just peacefully doing a maths test and then suddenly Mrs Bailey screams and says ‘‘ahhhhhh there’s a mouse on my desk’’ then everyone got frightened.                                                              

Mrs Bailey was as pale as a ghost and her heart was beating 98 per minute. Evie, Ashley and Alex were trying to catch the mouse but instead they killed it, it took about 45 mins for them to catch it and then bury it.

As they were trying to catch the mouse Mrs Bailey was Holding the timer and then suddenly it went off and she screamed her head off. The mouse was running everywhere under the whiteboard, under Mrs bailey’s desk, in the middle room and even under the computer table.

After a while we decided to call it Jerry from Tom and Jerry the T.V show. When we finished the Golf lesson with Stuart Evie was holding the poor little mouse in her hand and it was actually dead. That was sadly the end of the mouse.
                                 By Alysha

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