Sunday, 8 May 2016

My special mum


My mum is special because she is just special and she does many things for me like cleaning the house and making food for me sometimes in the morning( Not school lunch I do it myself),she also is loyal and magnificent because she has to look after my dog leo ( I’m am meant to look after leo because he is my puppy),and my sister charlotte when I am away somewhere with my Mum’s friend staying at his house.

I love my mum because she will help me on anything if I get stuck, or if I’m having trouble making it or doing it that’s why I love my mum very much.

Mum is the only one I love the most ( there is some people I love in my family ),because when I want to join an expensive thing that I would like to do she will let me join it and she have to pay lot’s of money for me to do it and that’s why mum is the best to me and she is always there for me even when I am sad or upset.

Mum you're the best
Love your daughter: Jodie

Image result for a photo cartoon of a child hugging their momA seal of a mum and daughter Hugging.

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