Thursday, 12 May 2016


Jerry died at a young age, everyone is very sad and wishing Jerry was still alive, except Mrs bailey.

It all started when Mrs Bailey got scared at a small mouse while everyone was quiet,just working on their maths students thought that Mrs Bailey was crazy and just being weird, but no, she was being for real. Students in Room 6 started freaking out, Branden pulled out his chromebook at started recording the whole thing while everyone was freaking out. All of a sudden...the timer went off.

Students chased that mouse into the middle room, and locked it in their. Students were rushing to the door to see who was inside!! Ashley, Evie, Alex, Brayden, Dannielle, Caleb and jasmine, they were all stuck in the middle room with jerry.

We all went to golf after the class settled down. Ashley, Evie and Alex were still in the middle room trying to catch the mouse, But then it happened, Evie grabbed the cone and decapitated the poor, young mouse. Everyone was shocked, Evie had to bury it…


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