Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My mum By Dannielle

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My mum is special she has taken good care of me for 11 years she carried me around in her stomach for about 9 months.

you has taught me how to groom and show dogs you was there for me when I was going through  the pain of teething you were there to catch me when I fell over trying to walk you were there for me on my very first day of school.   You have been there for me almost every second of my life  showing me how to do things that I couldn’t do if I didn’t have you I wouldn’t know what to do I love you.
For as long as I can remember you were always by my side  to give me confidence support  and help
For as long as I can remember  you were always the person I looked up to  so strong so sensitive and so pretty.
For as long as I can remember  you have always strengthened our family  full with laughter tears  and full of love.
I  thank you for forever loving me mum from Dannielle
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