Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Baby Mice ( Viewer Descretion Advised ! )

It was an ordinary day, just doing a little math test when suddenly, Mrs bailey yells ' Ah!, there's a mouse, there's a mice!

It was massive, about 6 inches long. LOL. Everyone was trying to see it. Then three people led it into the middle room. When...

The timer went off! Mrs bailey almost had a heart attack! But it was now time to go to golf. What a morning.
                       ABOUT 45 MINUTES 
What a fun time at golf. Mrs Bailey still recovering from a ' Heart Attack '. When we find out that the baby mouse is DEAD!

Since people killed a mouse and it was a mouse, we named the mouse Jerry and the people Tom from Tom and Jerry. Very sad.

We buried the mouse in order of our respect to it and we were very upset.

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