Sunday, 8 May 2016


My special Mum

My mum is incredible because she does lots of things at a time, like she keeps us occupied while she is cooking dinner, and she calms us down when we are mad while she is doing exercises. I also love my mummy because her cuddles are so welcoming it's lovely. I love my mum.

She's super! If i could choose a hero for my mum it would be wonder woman, because she makes you WONDER what she will do next in her life of wonders, I also chose it because she's INCREDIBLE like wonder woman, I love my mum.

My mums smile :) is so joyful and full with fun and laughter, it’s AMAZING how fun she makes things even if they are totally boring! My mum would never give up on anything she would always keep trying hard!
I love my mum. Image result for heart
By Ella

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