Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The mouse In room 6 that kept running away.

                THE Mouse that kept running away                                    in room 6

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      This morning just before room 6 went out to golf lessons a baby mouse showed up in front of Mrs Bailey desk poking his head out like saying hi Mrs Bailey, but Mrs Bailey got a huge as fright and ran away from her desk when she ran away she was also holding a timer in her hand because room 6 was doing a sheet maths test and when Ashley Pollock and Evie scott saw the cute little mouse they tried to catch it so it wouldn't stay in our class. 

 But as they tried to catch the mouse, Mrs Bailey was holding the timer and when the timer went off Mrs Bailey got the most biggest fright ever,she jumped up and Mrs Baileys heart was beating fast she told us because her heart rate was only meant to be 63 but it was 98.

So after 5 or more minutes later the mouse ran into the middle room and Ashley and Evie plus Alex went after it to try to catch the mouse, so they shut the middle room doors on both sides and tried catching it,but when the whole class was out doing golf they were still catching it.

After we finished practicing golf with stewart,Ashley and Evie also Alex they finally caught the mouse in the middle room,so when Mrs Bailey told the 3 Students to go and bury the mouse in bark and that was the end of the mouse story .

BY Jodie 

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