Monday, 30 May 2016

The thunder storm

It was a fine day then dusk came,a small wind then it started to whistle. I was coming home from a game when the wind was shaking me around. My clothes were shaking around I could hear it , I could see the water going into my eyes.I could feel the hail going onto my rain coat. Then I went to bed and the curtains were blowing hard then it stopped. Then threw the hallway the window was screeching. I could feel the wind but I could not see it. I fell asleep. Boom! Thunder went due to the enormous storm. I tried to go asleep but it was too loud. A few minutes later my brother was screaming and he did not help.  Then my dad went and checked on him then he said “scary man”. Then I yelled “I’m trying to sleep.But it was no use then I opened the curtain and I saw lighting then I just sat there and fell asleep.

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