Monday, 30 May 2016

The Storm


It was a horrible misty night birds weren’t tweeting, the sun wasn’t up and the clouds weren’t white fluffy bunnies anymore, they were dark grey dragons. Peering around I could hear the sounds of drums coming closer closer and closer! Getting nearer. My ears were hurting, and BOOM! Thunder crashed BOOM! And again. The sea’s rocked wildly crashing down into the black abyss of the ocean again. Flounder, sharks, fish, and birds washed up onto shore startled and injured. Crack! Lightning sprints across the sky creating a path to the dark dragon's castle. Howls of wolves echo across the large world, pets jumping into their cages, children hiding under their bed covers terribly frightened. The floor shudders. Trees fall over blocking the path for drivers. Drop plop drop plop rain cries down from the sky making big wet puddles and a dark blue sky. The howling wind whispers in my ear, causing my body to shudder. This is a thunder storm.

By Ella

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