Sunday, 15 May 2016

The surprise guest! By dannielle


It was 10:15 in the morning and room 6 was doing a basic facts maths test . We were about 6 minutes through when Mrs Bailey jumped of her chair and told us there was a mouse
we all laughed at her and then  Ashley and Evie came to the rescue and tried catching the mouse it when every where and then it went into the middle room. ( Mrs Bailey almost had a heart attack)
Eseta,Caleb, Ashley, Jasmine,Evie,  Alex and I were in the middle room trying to catch it but Mrs Bailey called us out to golf  and Ashley, Evie and Alex stayed to try and crash it.

While we were at golf this is what was going on with Ashley, Evie and Alex...

The middle room was changing furniture was going all over the place while the girls were chasing the mouse. Alex was  walking around when she stood on the mouse the mouse was climbing up the girls  and then finally right before  morning tea  the girls caught the mouse but unfortunately it is  now dead 

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