Tuesday, 14 June 2016



Have you thought of the stuff computers do for us these days  they do everything basically they are so important in our daily lives they may be good and bad for us like what is good about them and what's bad let's find out more about computers and what they do for us.

Communication is vital we all need to talk to each other but what happens if we live far away we can use e mail and skype and much more ways to talk to your friends online it is also a way to ask if you can do something.

Education now that we have computers in schools we can learn lot’s more topics and you can use the online dictionary if there is not enough dictionary's in the class or you can look up topics in your own time.

Entertainment computers also provide entertainment when we get bored we sometimes use computers as entertainment  or to provide us information when we have nothing to do EG. games, reading ,news.

Storage we can use our computers to keep all are storage in one place and if you forget something and you have written it down in your drive  you can look it up on your computer to check what  you forgot and remember it.

Health did you know that we live longer now for a one reason We live longer because of computers in hospitals and health stations they are much more advanced to help save lives.

In conclusion we can’t do any of these things and much more without computers we need them to do stuff it is sad but we all rely on computers they are so VITAL!!! to the world we need to be able to use them all the time we need computers.   

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